Gift Cards for Tweens: 8 Ideas to Make a Preteen’s Day

You always hear about how tough teenagers have it with their homework assignments that never seem to end, exhausting extracurricular activities that occur multiple days a week, and the constant in-fighting that dominates many different social circles within school walls. With all that drama, it really isn’t difficult to see why teens like to lock themselves in their rooms all day with the music blaring and bright caution tape warning parents to keep their distance, lest they want to invoke adolescent wrath.

And while teenagers do have a lot on their plate, they tend to receive attention as a result. Concerned teachers and nosy parents signify the help society wants to give to these wayward youths, guiding them down the right path for a brighter future, completely content on ignoring the early warning signs that often appear during the tween years.

Yes, you heard that right: the tween years. You know, the brief stretch of time marking the transition from childhood into adolescence, generally accepted as ages ten through twelve? That’s the one. 

This period might not strike you as all that important; after all, children are often easygoing individuals who live everyday like it’s a new experience, not sparing a second for a critical thought. But let me halt that common misconception from spreading its roots inside your head by pointing out how tough the tween years really are. 

With puberty lurking in the distance and the stressors brought forth by academia, your tween is sure to be dealing with a lot inside of their maturing brain. As a parent, you are responsible for making this transitory period of their life as painless as possible, and you can start off by supporting their interests and passions. An easy way to do exactly that while earning a little something for yourself is by giving them a gift card from Gift Card Granny!

Keep on reading to learn more about the perfect tween gift cards such as:

  • Gift cards for hobbies and leisure
  • Gift cards for cool new outfits
  • Gift cards for endless entertainment

1. Spotify

Escape Reality With Music

Buy a Spotify gift card

Tweens deserve to explore their identities just as much as older teenagers do, and there is perhaps no medium that enables the liberties of self-expression more than music does. From parent, to grandparent, to great grandparent, music has helped shape the lives of many throughout its evolution.

If you are a parent that was touched by the power of music during your own youth, then it only stands to reason that you would pass on that special feeling to your children while they navigate the complexities of their oncoming adolescence. One way you can make that happen is by encouraging them to listen to different genres and discover what music resonates with them the most. 

A Spotify account is a great asset for any tween to have. It gives them access to millions of songs by thousands of artists that cover genres of all types, and can be enjoyed on the family desktop or when you’re on the go. Stream audio anytime, anywhere, and download your favorites so you can still listen even when you don’t have a wifi connection. 

Spotify is available for free to anyone who wants to give it a try, which is an awesome feature to take advantage of. It’s good to let your tween experiment with their music tastes and find what really interests them without worrying about the cost in the meantime. And if they end up really liking the easy experience Spotify offers, then a premium, ad-free account is only a few clicks away!

Pick up a Spotify gift card from Gift Card Granny and give any tween the power of limitless music to help liven their days!

2. Barnes & Noble

For the Misunderstood Bookworms

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card

One common belief perpetuated by many adults is that kids today do not like to read. Personally, I find that claim to be absurd. There are so many children out there who love reading, and the same can be said of preteens and teenagers. 

They’re eager to learn new things, explore other worlds, and broaden their perspectives, but they need encouragement to do so. Maybe you know a tween in your life who has never expressed an interest in books, so you make the assumption reading isn’t the right pastime for them. Before jumping to that conclusion, take a minute to think about the types of books they had to read for school. Why did they fail to spark your tween’s interest? Have they ever been offered different reading materials?

Not every book is going to be enjoyed by every kid, and it is crucial that you give young souls the freedom to choose what kind of content they would like to read. A tween not wanting to read a book for class is not the same as them not having a desire to read in general, and more often than not they simply have not been introduced to the right genre. 

That’s why a Barnes & Noble gift card from Gift Card Granny goes a long way! With shelves jam-packed with thousands of books spanning all kinds of different genres, you’re sure to leave the store with a bag full of new reads to keep you busy for the next month. Whether it be fantasy, sci-fi, romance, mystery, historical fiction, or anything and everything in between, this gigantic book retailer has got you and your preteen covered. 

3. Ulta Beauty 

A Great Starting Outlet for Creative Minds

Buy an Ulta Beauty gift card

The tween years are a fundamental part of any child’s development, and it is up to the adults in their lives to help them have access to the tools necessary for self-expression. Makeup happens to be one of those very tools, so it may be worth introducing your tween to as they approach their teenage years. 

Ulta Beauty is a cosmetics retailer that is great for both novice makeup artists and professional artists alike. Their catalog is packed with a range of department store cosmetics and iconic brands, all for a much cheaper price than similar competitors. They also have plenty of skincare and body care products in stock, allowing any shopper to purchase an affordable pampering. 

Spoil tweens with an Ulta Beauty gift card!

4. Forever 21

There’s No Shame in Being Unique

As much as we fervently wish for our children to remain as sweet, innocent little babies for the rest of time, that idealized reality can exist as nothing more than a parent’s fantasy. There will be a time when the stores that cater to the clothing needs of young children no longer make the cut, and no matter how much you dread it, you must accept the fact that your preteen requires a fashion retailer that fits their maturing needs. 

When these challenges emerge, look no further than your neighborhood mall for the solution. Forever 21 is stocked up with the latest fast fashion trends crafted for those young at heart, or just young in general. Find the style that’s right for any tween, teen, or young adult who has a desire to turn heads and flaunt their good looks

Check out Forever 21 for some awesome outfit ideas!

5. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Every Opportunity is Made Better with Chocolate

If there’s one thing teens have in common with each other that doesn’t include rebelling against everything their parents say, it’s their unanimous love of all things sweet. And what sweet treat is more coveted than creamy and rich chocolate? 

With this in mind, there’s no doubt any tween would turn down a chance to shop all of the chocolatey goodness available at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. This retailer of specialty chocolates is a trustworthy source of gourmet confections with a catalog packed full of hand-made goodies and delectable assortments. 

Give perfect chocolate anytime with Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!

6. Zumiez 

For All the Skater Boys, And Girls

Buy a Zumiez gift card

The days of skateparks and scratched up knees may seem like distant memories to the adults who grew up in the nineties, but today’s youth possess just as much passion for exhilarating sports as their predecessors. 

Showing off your skills in front of a crowd takes guts, but it’s so rewarding to feel that elevated sensation of pure euphoria when you nail a trick and all the bystanders roar with approval. Talents like these should be celebrated, not ridiculed and punished. That’s why Zumiez is here to help the aspiring skaters find their footing on the concrete slopes. 

Zumiez specializes in equipment and activewear for anyone whose soul resides at the skatepark. From custom boards and roller blades to accessories that will make both you and your tools the envy of your peers, Zumiez has everything a sporty preteen could dream of in one convenient location. 

Get your tween in style with a Zumiez gift card!  

7. UGG

Try Out Some of These Killer Boots

Buy an UGG gift card

Cold weather means it’s time for a wardrobe change. No tween wants to voluntarily subject themselves to clunky, unstylish attire even when their comfort depends on it. Luckily for any stressed out parents out there, UGG is a footwear brand that no fashion-oriented teen will be able to scrutinize when the wind chill picks up and the days get shorter. 

UGG footwear is iconic, comfortable, and is always bound to catch some eyes. Make your tween the star of winter and the envy of the classroom with some boots from UGG. With plenty of stylish design to choose from, UGG is certain to have a pair perfect for your tween. 

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8. Dave & Buster’s

Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Buy a Dave & Buster’s gift card


Imagine a world where nothing mattered except for food, video games, and awesome prizes. Now imagine going to Dave & Buster’s. Congratulations, you made it to the nirvana of arcades and good eats!

Dave & Buster’s offers a nostalgic family setting filled with flashing neon lights, the mechanical whirring of gaming machines, and the sickly sweet aroma of saturated, carb-heavy food. Adults can drink and tweens can gorge until their stomachs hurt, all while competing against each other to determine who the superior gamer is. 

Dance, shoot, score, win – do anything and everything that’s in your heart, and after you’ve accumulated enough tickets to be on the verge of drowning in your massive piles, make a beeline for the prizes! Redeem the tickets you earned during your gaming ventures for some cool merchandise to show off to your friends at school the next day, while also bragging relentlessly about your arcade skills.

Fun is just around the corner with a gift card to Dave & Buster’s, so get one today and give joy to the whole family!

9. Hot Topic

Pop Culture Meets Fashion

Buy a Hot Topic gift card

Hot Topic has proudly stood in all of its alternative, edgy glory among the more refined and colorful mall stores, and it still does to this day. Surely there must be a reason this retailer still persists, despite its initial customer base having aged into adults with less flashy tastes? 

Well, yes, there is. You see, the youth of today are just as rebellious and free spirited as you were in your prime, and they want a place where they can let their true self shine. For that reason alone, Hot Topic still thrives as a fashion retailer. 

 So do the right thing and get your tween a gift card to Hot Topic from Gift Card Granny! Embrace individuality with outfits that reflect the heart.

10. Subway

Exactly How You Want It, Every Single Time

Buy a Subway gift card

Feeding a toddler is like wrestling a lion, and more often than not you walk away scathed and clinging to an inch of your life. As children grow their taste palates expand and diversify, opening up to experience new flavors and broaden their food-related perspectives. Still, that is not always a universal truth that can be applied to every child. 

The resident picky preteen of your household takes umbrage with the prospect of trying new things because, to them, there is no greater option than chicken nuggets and french fries. We’re all inclined to our favorite meals, but stepping outside of your comfort zone is a core part of growing up. And in the case of picky eaters, Subway is here to assist. 

With the power to build your own sandwich that suits your personal tastes, Subways is certain to never disappoint. Customize your sub with a range of different meats, cheeses, toppings, and sauces to make the meal you’re craving, served hot or cold. Every choice is completely up to you, so go ham – you deserve it. 

Please any picky eater with a Subway gift card!  

11. Old Navy 

Cool Apparel and Accessories the Entire Family Will Love

Buy an Old Navy gift card


Dressing a tween can be difficult, but Old Navy has tons of clothes that are simple in style and comfortable to wear. Tweens are sure to find the breathable, soft fabric of Old Navy clothing to be pleasant and trendy, great for lounging and for adventurous spirits who dabble in exploring every now and again. 

Pants, shorts, shirts, skirts – whatever your tween needs, Old Navy has got it and plenty more fashionable options to choose from. Whether you're preparing for unforgiving winter winds or relaxing in the sun-kissed serenity of summer, a quick trip to Old Navy will have you in attire you’ll fall in love with. 

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12. Cinemark

Movies Are For Everyone

Buy a Cinemark gift card


One of the first breaths of independence a tween can experience is the liberties that come with going to see a movie with friends, completely free of the careful eyes of parents. It’s an amazing feeling that elevates young souls and makes them feel untouchable, powerful, and mature. And it isn’t half-bad for the adults either, who finally get some much needed alone time. 

So go ahead, indulge the movie-going scene by giving your preteen their very own Cinemark gift card. With the latest box office hits and tempting concession stands packed with popcorn and saturated goodies, any preteen will believe themselves to be in a wonderland of entertainment. It will be an evening worthy of a snapshot, story, or selfie!

13. GameStop 

Tweens Will Have Worlds of Fun to Explore 

Buy a GameStop gift card

Most tweens are always down for a fun video game session, no matter if they are passionate gamers or casual engagers who are simply looking for a way to relax after heaps of homework. Knowing this it’s only natural to suggest a gift card to GameStop, the largest retail gaming and trade-in destination in the world. 

Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo – GameStop has plenty of games, consoles, and merchandise for the biggest brands in the modern video game industry. Whether you prefer handheld devices or enjoy the feeling of sitting in front of a screen, GameStop makes finding your next favorite title a breeze. 

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Hooray, you made it to the end! Doesn’t it feel great to be in touch with today’s youth? Don’t you just feel like donning your old punk outfits and joining the kids at the local skatepark to show that you haven’t lost your skills quite yet? 

Okay, that might be reaching a little far, but the sentiment is the same regardless. Tweens need supportive adults in their lives to guide them and encourage their habits, no matter how silly or immature they might be. Kids don’t get to be kids forever, so it’s best to make the most of their preteen years and indulge their wild sides. That’s why Gift Card Granny is here to help you ensure any tween has all the fun and freedom that youth permits.