How to Convert eGifts to Printable Gift Cards

Gift cards are a convenient option when trying to figure out what to get someone for a birthday present, when a thank you is in order, or during the holidays. What’s great about gift cards is that they cover a wide range of interests from food lovers to fashionistas, handy man hobbies to decorating divas. But what happens when you’re short on time or if your intended recipient lives far away?

Whether a birthday slipped your mind, or you can’t wait 3-5 days to receive a plastic gift card, you can always purchase an eGift card. eGift cards are fantastic because they are easy to send via email or text and deliver within minutes. However, not everyone knows how to redeem an eGift and quite frankly, some people prefer having a physical item. If you sent or received a digital gift card but prefer to use it the old school way, here’s how to convert an eGift card to a printable gift card.

Convert eGifts to Printable Gift Cards

Step 1: Locate the eGift card in your Inbox

Let’s say a friend sent you a Starbucks eGift to show her appreciation for picking her up from the airport last week. Find the email that lets you know you received the eGift card. The actual merchant should be the sender. In this case, check your email inbox for Starbucks.

Step 2: Turn your eGift card into a Printable

Once you click on “Redeem your egift” you will be taken to a page that shows how much the gift card is for, the gift card information, and a handy option that allows you print the gift card.

Click Print on the screen and watch your computer’s print settings appear in front of you. Select the appropriate printer destination and Print. In no time flat, that eGift card you received is now a printable gift card!

Step 3: Redeem your printable gift card

Now that you have your gift card information printed out, all you have to do is swing by your favorite Starbucks location and present it to the cashier. He or she will scan the barcode or enter in the gift card number and pin at the register. What’s more, you don’t have to feel pressured to use the entire amount at once. If you have a remaining balance on your printable gift card, you can just keep the printable in your wallet and use it the next time you’re in need of some java. It’s really that straightforward.

Quick Tip:

If you discover your printable gift card does not have a barcode, simply ask the store or restaurant associate to type the gift card digits and/or pin number into the register. The information is still valid whether the barcode is available or not.


Enjoy a Printable Option too with Granny Direct eGift Cards


Did you know you can send and receive eGift cards on Gift Card Granny?

With Granny Direct eGift cards, you get the best of both worlds: savings and variety. Choose from a number of popular merchants and save money on the actual eGift purchase or earn cashback. Let’s say a smart shopper saved time and money by sending you a Granny Direct eGift card to a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. You’re super excited to use the eGift card but are not sure how to go about accessing it and would prefer the printable version. Lucky for you, the aforementioned steps are the same.

Step 1: Locate the eGift card in your Inbox

You will receive an email from Gift Card Granny letting you know someone special sent you an eGift card. To access the eGift card, click on “Redeem Now”.

Please note, you will be asked to enter in the email address in which you received the notification.

You will need to agree to the Terms & Conditions before being able to access your eGift card.

Step 2: Turn your eGift card into a Printable

Once you agree to the Terms & Conditions you will be redirected to a page with your eGift card details. The brand, the amount, a personal message (if applicable), and a secret code will be provided on this page. Click on “View eGift Card Details”.

Once clicked, you will be taken to the merchant page where you will enter in your secret code.

Like unlocking a room filled with treasure, after you enter in your secret code and click on “Go to eGift Card”, you will see all of your gift card information in full detail. Follow the instructions to print the page and ta-da, your eGift is now a printable gift card!

Step 3: Redeem your printable

Make reservations for a delightful dinner for two and slip that printable gift card in when the waiter brings the check.

If your dinner total is more than the price of the printable gift card, you will have to pay the difference in actual cash or with a credit card.

In short, you don’t have to worry about being limited when sending or receiving an eGift card. In 3 easy steps you can turn that digital gift card into a printable gift card.

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