Should You Give Someone a Gift for Saint Patrick’s Day?

Another orbit around the sun and Saint Patrick’s Day is looming just around the corner. In the wake of Valentine’s Day and falling right before the Easter holiday, Saint Patrick’s Day occurs annually on March 17th and is hallmarked by the color green, Irish-themed paraphernalia, and mugs of flavorful ale and spirits. 

Even if you don’t personally celebrate the holiday, you’re most likely familiar with the festivities and commotion caused by those who celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with excessive enthusiasm. It gives college students an occasion to let loose and party, brings friend groups together while sharing a few beers, and is an overall excuse to push aside your responsibilities and have fun for a day. 

Though it’s traditionally a holiday celebrated by those with Irish heritage, Saint Patrick’s Day has gained a powerful grip on mainstream culture and is now widely observed by folks of various cultures and backgrounds. Whether it’s done to pay homage to your Irish roots and give respect to a significant religious figure, or simply because you enjoy the celebratory parades and influx of green memorabilia, there’s many excuses to partake in the merriment with those around you on this special day. 

The History Behind Saint Patrick’s Day

Alright, so you’re used to the showy drinks and the leprechauns plastered all over the walls of local businesses, but unless you come from a culture that honors the patron saint of Ireland, you might not know the whole history behind the holiday. There’s much more to Saint Patrick’s Day than beer and lucky charms, so allow us to give you a quick rundown on the background of this popular festival. 

The celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day first began all the way back in 1631 when the Church established March 17th as the official Feast Day of Saint Patrick. Born in Roman Britain, Saint Patrick was sent as a slave to Northern Ireland back in the fifth century and is associated as the harbinger of the Christian faith in Ireland. Since March 17th marked the date of Saint Patrick’s passing, the Church officiated the day as a modest religious holiday, though it did not become a public holiday in Ireland until 1904. 

Saint Patrick accomplished many feats during his time spent in Ireland; he became a priest and founded numerous schools, churches, and monasteries throughout Ireland before his death. Since this all occurred in the 400s, Saint Patrick never gained official sainthood because of the lack of a formal canonization process being established by the Catholic Church. The moniker “Saint” Patrick likely caught on due to his acclaim in Irish culture.  

Do You Give Gifts on St. Patrick’s Day? 

The best thing about holidays, whether they have significant religious or cultural roots to you, is that there really isn’t a right or wrong way to celebrate. Outside of longstanding traditions and familial customs, different folks have a variety of ways to commemorate special occasions and enjoy time spent with those they love. 

St. Patrick’s Day is no different from other holidays in this respect, since many individuals take part in the festive cheer in their own special ways. From attending local parades and drinking delicious Irish ales to singing psalms at mass and appreciating the influence Saint Patrick had on the spread of Christianity throughout the country, there are a number of ways to participate in the commotion of the holiday. 

Gift-giving is common with many holidays, so it should not come as a surprise that some folks may go out of their way to buy gifts for their loved ones on Saint Patrick’s Day. However, rest assured that St. Paddy’s Day does not rest on your ability to pick out presents – it’s simply a little bonus you can use to further enhance the festivities, such as gift cards to favorite restaurants

If you feel like you’re in the giving spirit this year, there’s no harm in getting someone you love a little something extra for the occasion. It doesn’t have to be a big or flashy present either; in fact, giving someone a gift card may just be the perfect middleman between ‘too much’ and ‘not enough.’ 

Let’s take a look at some gift card ideas that are perfectly appropriate for celebrating the holiday with. 

1. 1800Baskets 

Sincere gift baskets filled with wonderful items

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When there’s no precedent for St. Paddy’s day gifts to go by, you can generally bet on a gift basket to get the job done. Gift baskets are great for any occasion, whether it’s for commemorating a significant religious holiday or simply to show a friend you’ve been thinking of them. 

1800Baskets offers an array of carefully crafted gift baskets to help you celebrate any day of the year. Browse baskets filled with elegant chocolates, savory meats and cheeses, tasty fruits, sweet kettle corn, teatime necessities, and various household sundries like soaps, towels, and lotions. 

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2. Domino’s 

Share a slice of something wonderful 

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Some of us prefer to celebrate the holidays in the comfort of our homes. Going out is fun, but it can be overwhelming when there’s big crowds to maneuver around and long wait times to put up with. Rather than deal with either, why not order a pizza to share with your buddies at home? 

You can never go wrong with Domino’s when you’re looking to get your pizza fix remedied. 

Place an order for pickup on your way home from work for quick and easy curbside service, or order last-minute delivery online or over the phone while you and your friends down delicious brews. From custom pies with tons of fun toppings like pepperoni, banana peppers, and olives to cheesy dips and savory bread twists, Domino’s has tons of mouthwatering menu options to ensure everyone gets a bite of something they love. 

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3. Hooters 

Enjoy the holiday with good food and great brews

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Known for great bar food and cold beer, among other reputation-defining aspects, Hooters is an awesome place to kick back and relax with your buds while celebrating St. Paddy’s day as any good Irish descendant would: with a surplus of alcohol!

This restaurant chain may not be the number one spot to bring the whole family for a mild dining experience, but it is certainly a fantastic destination for a rowdy friend group who simply wants to enjoy each other’s company over a pint or two (or three). The Hooters menu is packed full of tasty choices including bone-in wings, fried pickles, fish tacos, towering burgers, and indulgent desserts. 

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4. Target

Enhance your holidays with a trip to your favorite department store 

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Large department stores can be a great place to get your holiday shopping done in one easy and budget-friendly trip. Stores like Target have a wide selection of holiday-themed decorations with changing inventories throughout the year. After the influx of Christmas cheer and ostentatiously pink Valentine’s Day products, customers can bet on finding plenty of green merchandise right in time for the festivities. 

A Target gift card is always going to come in handy, even if you’re ready to put a wrap on this year’s celebrations. There’s tons of practical, everyday items to find at your local Target including appliances, electronics, home furnishings, apparel, toys, and much more. You don’t need to use a holiday as an excuse to go on a Target run, but it certainly adds another element of fun to the mix. 

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5. Michaels

Get lucky with great deals on art supplies 

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Looking to spread the creative spirit during St. Paddy’s day this year? If that’s the case, look no further than the overflowing aisles of your neighborhood Michaels to help get the job done and spread your love of all things green this holiday. 

Michaels has tons of arts and crafts equipment to ensure you take your celebrations to the max. Find glittery shamrock ornaments, ribbon with leprechauns, Irish wall decor, themed stickers, green fabrics, and everything else your creative heart could desire.  

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6. Williams Sonoma 

Give your kitchen some love right in time for the holiday

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While this popular retailer of kitchenware and household products might not be your first choice when considering potential gifts for Saint Patrick’s Day, it is definitely worth checking out if you plan on showcasing your cooking skills during the holidays. 

For many folks, having Irish ancestry means fixing certain dishes that are culturally significant to you during the St. Paddy’s Day festivities. To those of you who could use new kitchen equipment, Williams Sonoma has everything you could need and then some. Find vegetable peelers, potato mashers, cast iron bread ovens, brining bags, dinnerware collections, and even artisanal beer making kits. Williams Sonoma also offers a limited selection of gourmet food themed after the holidays, including assorted cookies and green cake pops. 

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7. Groupon

Save on fun activities and events with your friends 

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Looking for deals to help kick off the festivities this Saint Patrick’s Day? Save on anything and everything with a Groupon gift card, where you can find tons of awesome events, services, restaurants, and more to keep you and your friends busy as you celebrate the holiday. 

Groupon is great for folks who want to save an easy buck on fun local experiences. Whether it’s something you’ve been planning or totally spur of the moment, Groupon is always sure to come through with a deal on whatever you’re looking for. 

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8. Fandango

Never miss out on seeing the movies you like 

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You can celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in any way that works for you. Enjoy the day with the company of friends, family members, significant others, and anyone else who you feel like including in fun and entertaining ways, from drinking at local bars to watching the latest movie releases in theaters near you. 

A Fandango gift card can connect you with tickets for films playing at movie theaters in your area. Whether you have a preference for thrilling action movies, complex period pieces, or charming romantic comedies that leave you feeling all sappy inside, you will find tickets on Fandango for them all and so much more. 

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9. Lyft

Stay safe while you have a fun time out with friends 

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Having reliable transportation on St. Paddy’s Day can be a tricky ordeal when you know drinking will be involved. One cold one with your buddies can turn into a few before you know it, and sometimes having a designated driver simply doesn’t work out. In those situations, it’s helpful to have a Lyft gift card handy. 

A Lyft gift card can help you organize a ride to pretty much anywhere you want to go in the neighborhood, and you can share rides with friends who want to tag along. Drivers on Lyft are dependable and trustworthy, so you can spend less time worrying about getting there and more time enjoying the day’s festivities. 

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10. DoorDash

Let your favorite meals come straight to you 

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You can enjoy good food with friends during your Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations when you order from local restaurants with DoorDash. Going out can be a pain, but you can still have all sorts of fun right at home and have your favorite meals delivered by DoorDash drivers in the neighborhood, so you never have to wait very long for your order. 

There are plenty of food options available on DoorDash. You can order handcrafted coffee beverages and pastries for breakfast, salads and sandwiches for lunch, and hearty pasta dishes and filling burritos for a delicious dinner. DoorDash brings you your favorite items from the dining establishments you love, whether they are local small businesses or national chain restaurants. 

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11. Sling TV

Watch what you want and forget about unnecessary costs 

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Some people may prefer to go out to restaurants and parades with friends when celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day, but there are plenty of others who like staying in. For anyone whose favorite spot happens to be right in front of the television, you’ll likely get a kick out of a Sling TV gift card.  

Many of us cut the cord with cable a long time ago, and Sling is designed for those of us looking for an affordable way to watch the live TV channels we love. With Sling TV, customers can stream live channels and watch everything from entertainment and sports to news and talk shows for significantly less than the prices of channel packages from leading competitors. 

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12. Baskin-Robbins 

Ice cream you can never get enough of

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Finish off your ideal Saint Patrick’s Day with a gift card to Baskin-Robbins. Every day is better when ice cream is involved, and St. Paddy’s Day is no exception to that rule. Have a cone filled with your favorite flavor, a rich milkshake that satisfies your sweet tooth, or select from an array of fun ice cream cakes to share with family and friends. 

Baskin-Robbins is a destination that no ice cream lover will ever turn down a treat from. Pick from dozens of delicious flavors including chocolate cherry bark, cotton candy, mint chocolate chip, pink bubblegum, and pistachio almond. Baskin-Robbins also sells fruity smoothies, frozen cappuccinos, root beer floats, and freezes. 

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13. Visa Card 

This gift card is always a great option for any occasion 

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If you aren’t sure what someone would appreciate when it comes to giving a gift card, then why not choose a Visa gift card? This gift card is extremely useful and can be used just about anywhere for any purchase, regardless of brand or retailer. 

Celebrating St. Paddy’s Day is much more fun when you don’t have to worry about overspending, and that’s where a Visa gift card comes in to save the day. Go ahead and don your green as you throw back a pint with your pals, and don’t fret too much about your bank account. 

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We hope this list has been helpful for you! There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, and buying a gift for your friends is completely up to you. Since it’s a holiday filled with merriment and indulging in fun activities, gift cards are a great and simple way to show your appreciation for those in your life without going over the top. 

Have fun this holiday and remember you can save on all your gift card purchases when you use Gift Card Granny!