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Who Qualifies For A Military Discount At Lowe's And Home Depot

Military discounts are available for both Home Depot and Lowe’s, however there are a few stipulations to their policies. Gift Card Granny researched these programs and the necessary qualifications to receive the savings. The details have been verified with a Lowe’s and Home Depot customer service representative.

Lowe’s Military Discount

  • 10% off in-store purchases.
  • Available to those currently serving, retired veterans, VA recipients and immediate family members.
  • Maximum discount permitted is $500 per person per transaction.
  • Offer valid daily.
  • Valid military ID required.  

painting supplies

To further explain the policy, military personnel who are currently serving can receive the discount. Additionally, veterans who have retired after 20 years of service or receive VA benefits may obtain the discount. If you do not fall under either of those descriptions, Lowe’s offers all veterans a 10% discount on three holidays which include Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veterans Day. Immediate family members including spouses and children up to 18 years old can also get the 10% off savings.

The military discount cannot be combined with the Lowe’s 5% off every day credit card promotion or price matching. You are unable to purchase Lowe’s gift cards and services with the discount. Additionally, buying items for a business is prohibited. The full details can be found on Lowe's website.

Home Depot Military Discount

  • 10% off in-store purchases.
  • Available to those currently serving, retired veterans, VA recipients and dependents.
  • Maximum discount permitted varies per store.
  • Offer valid daily.
  • Valid military ID required.

tool belt

Similar to Lowe’s, Home Depot has specific restrictions for their military offered discount. Active military and veterans (more than 20 years of service or a service-connected disabled veteran) can get 10% off their purchase. If you do not qualify for either of those options, other military veterans can receive a 10% discount on Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Independence Day.  

The Home Depot military discount does not apply to lumber and building materials. Other general restrictions, including maximum discount amount, depend on the store manager. 

Tip: Note that you are unable to use coupons in conjunction with your military discount. However, you can use your military discount and a Lowe's or Home Depot from Gift Card Granny to get the ultimate amount of savings on your purchase. 

Did you know you can receive a military discount for travel, at other retailers, and more? We did the research for you in our 95 Military Discounts blog.

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User logo
Recently, I visited a local Home Depot to purchase an air compressor. I had been told by a friend that HD would honor my veteran I'd card and give the 10% discount but was informed my card didn't meet the criteria. I then tried a nearby Lowes and they were more than happy to accept my card and thanked me for my service. I'm now registered and when my telephone number is entered at the cashier the discount is automatically applied. Good for all purchases all the time. Guess where I shop.
User logo
there are still home depot managers who will still not honor this discount
User logo
I'm a retired military person and recently was denied the 10% military discount at a Home Depot store in Eugene, OR. I was informed the Home Depot no longer recognizes the Veteran Designation on my Oregon Driver License. When I left the military back in 1970 with an honorable discharge after serving in Vietnam no military ID's were issued only a DD214 Form, which in turn was the basis of adding VETERAN STATUS on my Drivers license.I have always appreciated what Home Depot has done and is doing for the military . Please let me understand what has changed in my case.Thank you for your time,Paul
User logo
Lowe's gives 10% discounts to all military veterans, regardless of time in service, as long as you were honorably discharged (register online with Lowes and you get a card to show them, or just show them your DD214 (or, as in my state, DPS marks your Driver's License as "Veteran" if you show a DD214 with an honorable discharge and Lowes accepts that)). Home Depot only gives the discount to current service members or retirees and they're rude if you try to get the discount as "just a veteran."
User logo
Do I understand that the military discount does not apply to any building materials? I am interested in some replacement windows but not sure if discount will apply
User logo
I am an honorably discharged Airforce veteran and always got a 10% discount until recently., then found out that you had to be a retired 20+ year veteran to qualify. When did that change take affect? So, if your a veteran with less than 20 years service you only get the discount on certain Holidays, correct? Don't think that's what the Lowes online statement says. I think it says retired military or veterans.
User logo
Why, as a veteran, I bought two complete kitchen and laundry room appliances (~$15,000) at Lowes instead of Home Depot. Because Lowes gives a full 10% Military Discount on all items and Home Depot limits Military discounts on many items (disclosed only at the checkout stand) and even then limits the 10% discount to a total of $50 per purchase and $500 per year (though they don't seem to keep count on yearly purchases). I even offered Home Depot to "Price Match" but it seems their policy on this is as deceptive as it is on their "Military Discount" because they proudly told me they would not price match the Military Discount given by Lowes. Smoke & Mirrors at Home Depot hides a deceptive "Military Discount" program while Lowes stands tall when they say "Thank You For Your Service". What a hoot.
User logo
Your article fails to indicate ONE MASSIVE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TO TWO....HOME DEPOT DOES NOT GIVE A DISCOUNT FOR A LARGE NUMBER OF CONDITIONS that only show up at the register. LOWES does no such thing. HOME DEPOT does as a rule does not give military discounts as examples...special orders, promotion sales (sometimes it does), clearances, special priced other words HOME DEPOT is committing fraud on a daily basis and exploiting veterans....
User logo
Lowes have expanded their discount to all veterans and made it easy by pre-registering on My Lowes website so you only need cashier to scan your My Lowes card and you get the 10% as of May 1, 2017. Home Depot, local store stopped any time 10% discount as of May 1, 2017. Guess Lowe's gets my business. To bad HD can not afford that 10% and Lowe's can.
User logo
has this policy recently changed? I am a veteran, with a picture ID, and have received discounts in the past. However, I do not fall under the categories listed
User logo
great info thank-you Home Depot your always takeing care of our military. I enjoy shopping at your store. I own stock in your company and it is makeing me money.