eGift Cards: Send Gift Cards By Email

Make life easy! Instead of hand-delivering a plastic gift card, quickly send an egift card via email with these 5 simple steps.

How Do I Send A Gift Card Through Email?

While each retailer has their own procedure for sending a gift card, you’ll still use steps similar to the ones listed below.

  1. Find the eGift card of your choice
  2. Choose the amount
  3. Type the recipient’s name and email address
  4. Include a personal message (optional)
  5. Place your order

When Will My Gift Card Be Delivered? 

Depending on the retailer your gift card can be delivered within minutes or up to 24 hours. Remember to verify the recipient’s email address before sending!

Use Gift Card Granny to Send Your eGift Card to Anyone You Know

It’s easy to search up any random online retailer and send an egift card that way, but it always feels better to go with one you’re familiar with. If you’ve used Gift Card Granny before, then you must know how easy we make sending egift cards to folks. Customers can choose egift cards for dozens of popular retailers that carry brands they love, all of which can be virtually delivered to your gift recipient via email address. 

From the eGifts tab on the main Gift Card Granny website, you can browse all of the major retailers we carry that are available in egift card format. Once selecting a retailer that interests you, ensure that the type of delivery is designated as “eGift” for a digital reception, select an amount to load onto the egift card and the quantity of cards you want to purchase, along with a gift card delivery design option. You have the option of marking the purchase as a gift if it is not being bought for yourself. Finally, enter the following information for who you are sending the egift card to:

  • Recipient name
  • Recipient email address
  • A custom gift message up to 150 characters

Once you’ve entered everything you are required to, you can select “add to cart” and proceed to the purchase screen. After completing the checkout process, either as a guest or as a member of Gift Card Granny, you can expect your digital gift card to be delivered shortly. The delivery of egift cards can take as little as fifteen minutes or about four hours, so you won’t be having to wait long either way. 

Remember, one of the biggest benefits of using Gift Card Granny for purchasing egift cards is its cash back perk. Every card you purchase from eligible retailers earns you a discount in the form of corresponding cash back, which means a purchase of $100 would be $1, a purchase of $50 would be $.50, and so on. 

You can also use the cash back you accumulate on all of your purchases towards future egift card purchases. Once you rack up enough funds on your account, designate your payment method so the money is taken directly from your Gift Card Granny account and not charged to one of your bank cards or other online payment service method. It’s a fairly straightforward process and shouldn’t take you longer than a couple minutes, plus the allotted wait time for your egift card to be delivered. 

Wondering what types of egift cards Gift Card Granny sells? We have gift cards for hundreds of different retailers found across the country for all kinds of things including entertainment, travel, restaurants, and more. There’s no limit on the types of digital gift cards you can send to folks you know from around the nation, and you get to earn cash back on every purchase too. 

Let’s take a look at some gift cards for the most popular retailer’s on our website. 

1. Apple 

Update your life with the latest and greatest tech out there

Buy an Apple gift card

For the latest in technology and software, Apple has exactly what modern consumers are looking for. Apple has been dominating the tech industry for decades now and shows no signs of wearing down, and its impact on society and culture can certainly be felt through the popularity of the iPhone and related products. 

Smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, Mac laptops and desktops – Apple sells a wide array of innovative products designed to make life easier for the users. Tech savants and general consumers alike favor the sleek design and practicality of Apple electronics and accessories. And for those working within a budget, Apple offers flexible payment and delivery plans on many of their latest products, putting consumers one step closer to the technology of their dreams. 

Check out Gift Card Granny for an Apple egift card and earn cash back while giving the gift of quality technology!

2. White House Black Market

Channel your boss persona with fashion that means business

Buy a White House Black Market gift card

This bold upscale clothing retailer offers a curated selection of white and black clothing items for professional women. White House Black Market provides fashion-forward apparel that elevates working women and helps them stand out as individuals, and their monochrome approach to fashion with reserved pops of color helps define them as a brand. 

White House Black Market has an expansive fashion catalog including items such as blazers, pants, swimwear, formal dresses, suiting options, bootcut denim, and stunning footwear choices. Alongside bold and serious apparel, White House Black Market features a guide on appropriate fashion and styles for various occasions, from a night out at the theater to a vacation in the tropics. 

Pick up a White House Black Market gift card from Gift Card Granny to earn easy cash back! 

3. Belk

Shops tons of stylish apparel and more at this department store

Buy a Belk gift card

This department store chain was founded all the way back in 1888 and is still going strong, with nearly three hundred locations operating in sixteen states. Belk retail locations and its online storefront offer general apparel, accessories, footwear, decor, home furnishings, cosmetics, bed and bath products, kitchenware, and more.

In terms of clothing, Belk has a massive catalog of fashionable apparel for women, men, young children, and babies. Shop for belts and suspenders while picking up new lingerie and a cute blouse, and don’t forget about getting the kids some super soft pajamas either. A trip to Belk certainly comes in handy when you don’t want to stop at a bunch of different retailers to get your shopping done. 

Get a Belk gift card from Gift Card Granny and start earning cash back on your egift purchases today!

4. Saks Fifth Avenue 

Designer fashion you’ve been dying to get ahold of

Buy a Saks Fifth Avenue gift card

Looking for easy access to designer clothing and luxury fashion? Saks Fifth Avenue department stores feature the latest in apparel, shoes, handbags, jewelry, accessories, and more. They even have premium products for the home including kitchenware, decor, bedding, and bathroom products. Luxury self-care and fitness products are also available at any Saks Fifth Avenue retail outlet. 

Some of the most prevalent designers featured at Saks Fifth Avenue include Christian Louboutin, Burberry, Moncler, Balenciaga, and Alexander McQueen. Women can browse cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and striking heels while men choose between peacoats, polos, and sophisticated loungewear. Accessories include belts, scarves, sunglasses, gloves, tech, wallets, and hats. 

Earn cash back on a gift card to Saks Fifth Avenue!

5. Princess Cruises 

An overseas adventure awaits when you book with this classic cruise line

Buy a Princess Cruises gift card

The gift of a cruise would be a truly marvelous thing but, unfortunately, it is unreasonable to expect in most circumstances. That being said, a gift that partially covers some costs affiliated with a cruise is much more financially feasible and still comes across as an immensely kind gesture. 

Princess Cruises is one of several cruise lines striving to provide passengers with a relaxing ocean escape to gorgeous regions in different parts of the world. Some of the destinations featured by Princess Cruises include Alaska, Hawaii, Japan, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, and Tahiti. 

Buy a Princess Cruises gift card from Gift Card Granny and earn cash back!

6. One Kings Lane

Build your own personal palace with this royal furniture retailer

Buy a One Kings Lane gift card

A home makeover is only a few purchases away when you do your shopping at One Kings Lane. This luxury home decor retailer sells expertly designed furniture, gorgeous furnishings, decor, lighting, art, mirrors, and beautiful accessories to liven up any room. 

One Kings Lane provides a wide array of furniture for indoor and outdoor living including coffee tables, nightstands, dining furniture, beds, barstools, porch swings, and chaise lounge sofas. If you prefer a more classy look, One Kings Lane allows customers to easily filter their furniture selection to show specifically vintage styles. 

From decorative pillows and throws to majestic paintings and elegant vases, One Kings Lane has a variety of accessories for every room in your house. Find tons of appealing styles and designs to enhance your living space and make it pop. 

Earn cash back on a gift card to One Kings Lane from Gift Card Granny!

Send a Gift Card Via Text with GiftYa

Are you looking to stand out from the typical gift card crowd with something that is a little more modern and personalized? You may want to consider opting for an egift through GiftYa, a service that is a lot like an improved version of a gift card. 

An egift from GiftYa can be used like any digital gift card code or the funds can be activated to your Visa, Mastercard, or Amex. If the egift is for a retailer you aren’t interested in shopping at, users can easily swap between thousands of other merchants available through GiftYa. Whether it’s for a major retailer found throughout the nation or a local joint from your hometown, GiftYa makes sending a digital gift hassle-free. 

For folks who are sending a gift to someone close such as friends or family members, GiftYa allows for gifts to be personalized with photos, videos, or a collection of stylish designs fit for various occasions. Personalizing the unwrapping experience helps make the egift feel more special and can leave a lasting impression on the gift recipient. GiftYa can be sent easily via text message, email, or custom gift URL that may be shared personally with whoever you are buying the gift for. 

One neat feature of GiftYa that helps it stand out from other gift card retailers is how it allows you to view the gifts you’ve sent out and see if they have been used by your gift recipient. If you notice that your gift has not been opened by the recipient, GiftYa can send a quick reminder to help make sure your gift recipient gets to enjoy their well-deserved gift. Users may view all of their current GiftYa balances and sent gifts on the dashboard.