Gift Cards for Graduates: 13 Ways to Give Them a Gift They Really Want

It’s that time of year again – the term papers have been turned in, the finals have been taken, the caps tossed high in the air, and the Class of 2022 is ready to start writing the next chapter of their lives.


For anybody who has loved and cared for a college student over the last four plus years, it also means that it’s time to pick out a graduation gift that knocks their socks off. Unfortunately, there are so many variables to post-graduation life – where will you live? Where will you work? – that it can be hard to zero in on a gift that your grad will actually use.


Sometimes gift cards get a bad reputation as not being thoughtful gifts, but when you’re trying to figure out the next phase of your life, it never hurts to have some extra funds on hand. If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to finding the perfect gift card for the grad in your life, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with our recommendations for:

  • Food and grocery gift cards
  • Entertainment gift cards
  • Home and apartment gift cards
  • And other gift cards any grad would be glad to see in their graduation card

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Now that we’re on the same page, let’s get back to the main event: the best gift cards for graduates!



Get Your Favorite Grad to an Event That’s Even Bigger Than Graduation

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Graduation may be THE event of the spring (or winter… we see you too, December grads!) but it may not qualify as event of the year. For a lot of graduates, putting on the cap and gown and marching across the stage is as much for mom and dad as it is for them. And after the ceremony is over, they’re left with a whole summer to fill.


StubHub is a great choice when it comes to gifts for recent grads. Whether they’re a sports fan or they’re planning a roadtrip to their favorite music festival, they’ll definitely appreciate having some extra cash to put towards their ticket.


Stub Hub is one of thousands of brands you can find on Gift Card Granny. Start earning cash back when you grab a Stub Hub gift card today.



Help Your Grad Get Where They Need to Go

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For college students, driving isn’t always practical. College campuses tend to be tight on space, and parking permits can be shockingly expensive. When a grad makes the leap into post-college life, they might not have their own wheels right away – and that’s where Uber comes in. With more ways to ride than ever – the company recently unveiled their new car rental service – an Uber gift card is the perfect way to help a grad get where they need to go.


Even if a grad does have their own car to get to the grocery store and job interviews, having some cash on their Uber account always comes in handy. After a night out with friends, nobody has to call someone to DD if the Uber is already on its way.


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Perfect for Office Background Noise, Party Playlists, or Staying Informed with News and Podcasts

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Spotify is used almost universally by college students. Pretty much everyone streams their music rather than buying individual songs, cds, or records anymore – unless they’re very specifically going for a ~vintage~ listening experience. For day-to-day listening, Spotify is king.


Unfortunately for listeners taking advantage of Spotify’s excellent student discount, that offer won’t help them much longer. Help ease the blow of having to pay full price for the same ad-free listening experience they’ve come to know and love with a Spotify gift card.


Spotify is one of the thousands of local and national brands that you can find on Gift Card Granny. Pick up a Spotify gift card today to start earning cash back.


The Container Store

The Secret to Creating Social-Worthy Storage Systems

TikTok and Instagram are full of #OddlySatisfying videos, and some of our favorites are organization tours. Trust us, you haven’t lived until you’ve watched a disorganized mess of a closet transformed into a wonderland of matching hangers and perfectly stacked, carefully labeled containers in 15 seconds flat. That sparks joy.


If the grad in your life is moving out of their college dorm and into a new place, it’s the perfect time for them to create some organization systems that will help them hit the ground running in their adult life. Yes, it sounds like a boring gift. But have you seen those color coordinated bookshelves? Entire walls of shoes? It gets much more exciting as soon as you set foot in the store.


Sound like a perfect match for your favorite graduate? Perfect. You can get them an awesome gift and start earning cash back when you pick up a The Container Store gift card from Gift Card Granny today.



Keep Up with All the Hottest Shows and Movies

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Cable is fast going the way of the landline and the radio – that is, directly into the history books. Instead, everyone has a hook up for each of their favorite streaming services. They’re using mom’s Netflix, their roommate’s HBO Max, their cousin’s ex-boyfriend’s Disney+, maybe even Uncle Tim’s subscription to that documentary one. Now your favorite grad can have an account of their very own when you pick up a Hulu gift card as a graduation gift.


Plus, since Hulu partners with ESPN and is home to everything from original series to the Kardashians, your grad can keep up with all of their favorites.


Get them a gift card that goes above and beyond (and earn cash back) when you pick up a Hulu gift card from Gift Card Granny.


Urban Outfitters

Street Style and Trendy Apartment Decor, All in One Place

Buying decor as a recent graduate can be tough. On the one hand, you want to find things that are a step up from the flimsy dorm room furniture you were forced to rely on throughout your degree. On the other hand, you probably don’t have the budget – or particularly like the style – of a lot of big furniture brands. So where do you find something that actually fits your vision of what your new space should look like?


Urban Outfitters is a good place to start. They might be known for their fashion (Urban Outfitters and all that), but they’re a great place to get trendy bedding and home decor, too.


Keep your graduate and their apartment looking good (and earn some sweet rewards yourself) when you buy an Urban Outfitters gift card through Gift Card Granny.



Real Food, Delivered Really Fast

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We like to think that graduates have it more together than their college counterparts, but the truth is that living the grown up life takes a while to get down. Which means if you drop in on your favorite grad, you’re still pretty likely to find their kitchen stocked with packets of ramen and a bottle of sriracha instead of the ingredients for a balanced, adult diet.


DoorDash takes some of the hassle out of figuring out food. Now, if the grad in your life forgets to take chicken out of the freezer until after work, they can just fridge thaw it for tomorrow and order their favorite sushi instead.


Treat a loved one to a workday pick-me up or their favorite dinner. Grab a DoorDash gift card from Gift Card Granny today!


Whole Foods

Stock Their Kitchen with Healthy Essentials

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One of the best parts of moving out of the dorms is having the chance to cook for yourself, in a real kitchen. Help the graduate in your life fill their cabinets and fridge with high quality ingredients when you grab them a gift card to Whole Foods for graduation.


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Turns Out Graduates Run on Dunkin’

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It’s no secret that America runs on Dunkin’, and the same goes for recent grads. Whether they love a good breakfast sandwich, they’re a sucker for delicious donuts, or they simply need some caffeine to jump-start their brain every day, a gift card to Dunkin’ is always appreciated.


Give your favorite grad the fuel they need to power through their day. You can send the perfect Dunkin’ gift card from Gift Card Granny today.



Guilt-Free Guilty Pleasure Food

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Quick! What are your fast food options? Burgers, pizza, chicken nuggets… sometimes, you need something that feels a little more nutritious even when your tight on time. Chipotle comes in clutch with fresh ingredients, tons of flavor, and sustainable practices. Doesn’t get better than that.


Chipotle is one of thousands of local and national brands currently available on Gift Card Granny. Pick up a Chipotle gift card for a graduate you know and start saving today.


Playstation Network

Unwind After Work and Stay Connected with Friends

Our moms and dads may have come home after work and unwound with a sitcom or a sports game on cable. Today? Video games are an incredibly popular pastime. A gift card to Playstation Network is perfect for new grads. With a huge selection of games to download and online multiplayer options with Playstation Plus, Playstation Network keeps your grad entertained and connected to their friends.


Is Playstation Network a perfect match? Pick up a Playstation Network gift card on Gift Card Granny and start saving today!



Forget Deciding What to Cook for Dinner – Just Order an Old Fave

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Deciding what to make for dinner every night can honestly be a lot. When you’re feeling particularly uninspired, sometimes it’s easier to reach for another yogurt cup or a handful of pretzels than to actually put together a nutritionally sound meal.


Take that option off the table for your favorite grad. With a gift card to Grubhub, they can order in their favorite food and get more than one food group on their plate even when they don’t have the energy to make dinner at home.


Order a customized Grubhub gift card on Gift Card Granny today to start earning cash back.



Take Self Care Up a Notch with Gizmos Any Grad Would Love

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Self Care Sunday can be low tech – taking a step back from social media, going for a walk, soaking in the bath – but it doesn’t have to be. Brookstone sells a variety of fun home and bathroom gadget upgrades any grad would be happy to have in their self care arsenal. Whether that means an add-on that transforms their desk chair into a massage chair, a fancy foot bath for their next pedicure, or the best heated blanket they can buy, Brookestone has something for everyone.


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Gift cards make great gifts for graduates, especially from the brands on this list!


And that’s it! From gaming to food delivery, streaming services to organization systems, we’ve covered some of the biggest brands on graduates’ wish lists this year. These ideas should be a great start in your search for the perfect gift card for a graduate. And don’t forget, all of the retailers on this list are available on Gift Card Granny, which means you can earn cash back and rewards with every gift card purchase. Happy gifting!