Unique Father's Day Gifts

Have you been giving your dad the same gift every year for Father’s Day? Even though this holiday only happens once a year, it can be hard to come up with original and exciting new gift ideas every single year, especially when your father isn’t an easy candidate to shop for. 

If you are in need of fresh new ideas to get the old brain neurons fired up right in time for this summer holiday, then do we have the ultimate list for you. Our list of awesome gift card options fit for dads everywhere is bound to give you some inspiration in your search for the perfect Father’s Day present. 

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Our Father’s Day gift guide will include gift cards for the following categories:

  • Gift cards for electronics and entertainment
  • Gift cards for dining and cooking 
  • Gift cards for hardware and tools

1. Fanatics

Sports merchandise that appeals to dads

Buy a Fanatics gift card

Watching sports is quite the popular pastime, and there are many fathers out there that make game nights weekly rituals. If your dad happens to be one of the millions of folks who enjoy watching live sports, both on TV and in-person, then a gift card to Fanatics is hard to beat. 

From soccer and football to baseball and golf, Fanatics carries officially licensed merchandise of teams across a variety of sports. Shop for authentic jerseys, hats, hoodies, trading cards, collectibles, and tons of other sports gear to get into the spirit of the game. Every sports-loving dad will be excited to get their hands on official merchandise from Fanatics. 

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2. Ace Hardware

There’s no problem you can’t face with Ace Hardware

Buy an Ace Hardware gift card

Since dads are usually the ones trying to keep up with maintenance and repairs on the house, they need a tool supplier they can count on. Ace Hardware is one of the largest hardware retail companies around, supplying just about everything you could imagine for building and improving your home. 

Ace Hardware has a variety of dedicated departments at all of their locations including painting, heating and cooling, plumbing, lawn and garden, tools, and grilling. Your dad can get anything from a new garbage disposal for the kitchen sink to outdoor decor for the patio when he shops at Ace Hardware.

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3. The Spice Lab

These salt sampler collections make for great culinary gifts 

If your dad is one to brag about his skills behind the grill or in the kitchen in general, then he’s sure to appreciate a gift that can help him grow his culinary expertise. The Spice Lab offers a variety of unique and delicious seasonings, herbs, spices, salts, sugars, and rubs. 

Whether you’re cooking with poultry, seafood, beef, pork, or hosting a BBQ, there’s plenty to choose from at The Spice Lab. You can purchase specific seasonings or opt for exceptional gift items like sets and gourmet samplers for chefs who like to experiment with new ingredients. 

Gift cards to The Spice Lab are not available on Gift Card Granny. 

4. TGI Fridays

Enjoy this gift card any day of the week

Buy a TGI Fridays gift card

TGI Friday's Gift Card

Help dad have a fun night out with a gift card to TGI Fridays, where he can enjoy appetizing bites and an impressive array of beers and signature cocktails. This restaurant chain serves American cuisine and standard bar fare, and its casual atmosphere makes it appealing for folks who want a simple experience while dining out. 

The TGI Fridays’ menu features many delicious options including traditional bone-in wings, BBQ pork ribs, fried shrimp, onion rings, grilled salmon, and juicy burgers. There’s plenty of hearty meals for a dad to choose from at this restaurant chain. 

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5. Applebee’s 

Treat your dad to some fun 

Buy an Applebee’s gift card

Applebee's Gift Card

Who doesn’t love happy hour at Applebee’s? If your dad appreciates an evening out every so often at a casual dining chain that offers delicious bites to snack on, then Applebee’s is exactly where he needs to be. The Applebee’s menu consists of strong and refreshing cocktails, draft beer, and other alcoholic beverages in addition to appetizing food options like boneless wings, pasta, steaks, mozzarella sticks, burgers, and spinach and artichoke dip. 

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6. Bose Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Take your tunes wherever you go

Water-resistant and lightweight, this Bose wireless speaker allows dad to take music on the go. No doubt there’s been many times where your dad was left without a decent way to project his music to the world around him, but these portable Bluetooth speakers present an excellent way to deliver crisp, clear sound to an entire audience. From fun romps through the neighborhood park to social gatherings filled with friends, Bose portable Bluetooth speakers make any situation one hundred times better.

You can check out all of the Bose portable Bluetooth speakers currently available here.

7. GameStop

A gaming gift better than all the rest

Buy a GameStop gift card

GameStop Gift Card

Does dad like to spend his free time in front of the TV screen with a video game controller in hand? Whether he’s one for the classics or on the lookout for contemporary masterpieces, any dad is sure to have a blast when visiting his local GameStop store. 

GameStop is an iconic video game retailer that has a dedicated customer demographic of gaming loyalists. GameStop keeps its clientele up to date on all of the latest video game releases on modern gaming consoles, from the Playstation 5 to the Nintendo Switch. Dad can pick up a brand new game, trade in his old titles for in-store credit, pre-order upcoming titles, and more at his local GameStop location. 

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8. Hickory Farms

A gift basket that no dad could turn down

Dads have a lot on their plates, which is why it’s important for them to get a sufficient amount of protein each and every day. And when it comes to dads and protein, there’s no better combination than your dad and his favorite meats from Hickory Farms. 

This food gift retailer can deliver gourmet goodies to your dad’s doorstep right in time for the holiday. Select from a variety of gift baskets filled with delicious options such as meat and cheese, candy, fruit, sweet and savory, and even wine. You can also filter by specific food products when shopping at Hickory Farms, so if he’s more into sweets or cheese you can cater to his tastes. 

You can check out the Hickory Farms website here. Gift Card Granny does not offer gift cards to this retailer at this time. 

9. Cabela’s 

Help dad get a breath of fresh air

Buy a Cabela’s gift card

Popular outdoor activities such as fishing or hunting require gear that folks can rely on. Don’t let your dad settle for second-best when he can have high-quality products in no time with a gift card to Cabela’s. This outdoors retailer has tons of recreational merchandise to choose from for a range of pastimes, including boating, shooting, fishing, camping, and more. 

If your dad likes to fish, then Cabela’s has fishing rods, reels, lures, tackle boxes, and so on. If he’s more into camping, he’ll be pleased to note they stock camping tents, cookware, stoves, lanterns, sleeping bags, and other camping accessories. Cabela’s also stocks apparel suited for various types of weather and activities such as rain gear, hiking boots, water shoes, and sunglasses. 

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10. Home Depot

Purchase all the tools you need in one place

Buy a Home Depot gift card

Home Depot Gift Card

Is your dad working on a home project? Many are, and if yours is one of them, then a gift card to Home Depot is sure to come in handy. 

Home Depot carries a variety of hardware tools and equipment for all of your home improvement needs. Even if your father isn’t much of a builder, he can definitely appreciate the easy access to tools and appliances that Home Depot provides consumers with. From painting supplies and lighting fixtures to home decor and installation services, Home Depot really has everything a dad could need for his house. 

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11. Lowe’s 

Dream big with high-quality hardware products  

Buy a Lowe’s gift card

Lowe's Gift Card

Lowe’s stores are packed with hardware and home improvement tools that have the ability to transform households in wondrous ways. From kitchen renovations with brand new flooring and stainless steel appliances to building the perfect summer patio and lawn makeover, dad will be able to shop for all the supplies he needs to do and build anything. 

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12. GiftYa

If Father’s Day is more of a lowkey affair in your family without any unnecessary fanfare attached, you may not even go so far as to get a gift card delivered, digital or not. Lucky for you, keeping things simple is how GiftYa operates. You can send your digital gift in as little as a text to your recipient, which means dad won’t have to wait on a card in the mail or even read more than a couple lines on his phone screen. Dad appreciates it when things are easy and convenient, and choosing a digital gift on GiftYa definitely is. 

You can check out everything GiftYa has to offer here


It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make Father’s Day a special time of the year for your dad. Whether through a grand gesture or something small, your dad deserves to be reminded of how important he is in your life. Gift Card Granny is here to help make sure you can celebrate Father’s Day in a way that feels right for both you and your dad by offering a diverse assortment of gift card options. 

Do you have any interesting gift ideas for dad? Feel free to share them in the comments below.