Gift Cards for New Drivers

There’s no feeling quite as satisfying as the sensation you get after passing your driving test. And that moment of triumph upon posing for your brand new driver’s license? Well, that’s just like being crowned the king of your own domain, even if that domain only consists of the vehicle you’re behind the wheel of. 

That might seem a bit like an exaggeration, but being able to operate a car opens up whole new worlds of possibilities that wouldn’t have been conceivable before. From midnight snack runs to spontaneous road trips with your closest friends, new drivers have a lot to look forward to now that the sky is the limit (or the road, at least). 

If you want to join in the jubilation and celebrate the accomplishments of a new driver, one of the best ways to do exactly that is with a thoughtful, commemorative gift. Gift cards offer a fantastic way to show just how proud you are of the achievements of a new driver, plus they are always guaranteed to please even the pickiest of people, meaning way less stress brought about by shopping. 

This article will consider a variety of great gift cards ideas for new drivers, including:

  • Gift cards for gas and travel expenses 
  • Gift cards for auto service and maintenance 
  • Gift cards for fast food and fun

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1. Marathon

Conquer the Roads with Quality Fuel

New drivers may not be so well versed in the world of gasoline, so it’s up to more experienced drivers to show them the ropes. Gas stations can be found on pretty much every street corner in every neighborhood in the country, and it’s quite easy for the untrained eye of a new driver to view every gas station as the same. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Every chain of gas stations comes with unique features, and Marathon is certainly no different. When it comes to quality fuel that will keep your engine running for years to come, Marathon gas is the way to go. Marathon may seem like your average gas station, but feel confident knowing Marathon gas contains additives that prevent the accumulation of harmful deposits and improves the overall performance of your vehicle’s engine. 

2. O’Reilly Auto Parts

Quality Tools to Keep Your Vehicle Running

A car is only as good as the parts it is comprised of. Unfortunately, even the most durable auto parts slowly diminish in quality over time, and there will come a day where a visit to the local auto body shop is a must. When that time inevitably comes, be sure to send new drivers right on over to O’Reilly Auto Parts. 

An American retailer of aftermarket automotive parts, tools, equipment, and accessories, O’Reilly Auto Parts has been a dependable source of auto supplies since its foundation in 1957. With well over five thousand locations spread throughout the United States and an annual revenue that is in the billions, there’s no question that this retailer of auto parts has quite the loyal customer base. That just goes to show that quality parts and professional service are highly sought after by drivers of all backgrounds, both seasoned and new. 

3. Burger King

Truly Tasty and Wonderfully Filling

Buy a Burger King gift card

One of the most thrilling parts about being able to drive is the newfound ability to use the drive-through of local fast food establishments. It’s quick, convenient, and requires minimal social interaction, which is a great feature for those drivers who just wish to get their order and get out as soon as possible. 

Burger King, one of the most popular fast food chains in the United States, offers the perfect opportunity for new drivers to pick up some quick calories. Their menu features deliciously juicy burgers, crispy chicken, filling appetizers like mozzarella sticks and onion rings, and tons of other tasty items. From the breakfast menu to the kids meals, there’s something for everyone at Burger King. And with over seven thousand locations spanning across all fifty states, drivers are never too far from filling up on a hot and quick meal. 

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4. Shell

A Location in Every State Except Montana 

Buy a Shell gift card

When it comes to a gas station chain you are certain to recognize, Shell reigns above them all. Shell is one of the most well known household names in the United States, servicing over twelve thousand locations across fifty-one American states and territories. Texas alone has over fifteen hundred Shell gas stations, which makes up about twelve percent of all Shell gas stations in the United States. 

A Shell gift card makes for a fantastic gift that will really come in handy for new drivers. There will inevitably be moments where the fuel gauge is running low and a long stretch of unforgiving highway lies before you, so having something as useful as a gas station gift card can make all the difference. 

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5. Tidal

An Ocean of New Music Awaits

Buy a Tidal gift card

Driving is certainly fun and all, but it can get a little boring when you’re on those long stretches of road with only the sound of the motor for company. Sure, you can always turn on the radio and try your luck at catching a local station, but sometimes all you get is irritating static and no good tunes. 

New drivers have it way better compared to drivers of the past thanks to the many music streaming services available. Listen to your favorite hits anytime, anywhere with Tidal, a Norwegian-American subscription-based service that offers a variety of audio entertainment. Find music, podcasts, and videos all from the comfort of your electronic device. 

Tidal provides high quality sound straight to your ears, along with expertly curated playlists and tons of original content, so finding something new to listen to is always a breeze. Keep the entertainment coming with a Tidal gift card from Gift Card Granny and start earning cash back in no time! 

6. Sheetz

Fuel For Your Car and Your Stomach

Buy a Sheetz gift card

With so many gas stations scattered along highways, suburban streets, and even the mellow countryside, it’s no wonder they begin to blend together for new drivers. However, once you learn the difference between a good gas station and a great gas station, you’ll never want to settle for less. 

One trip to Sheetz is enough to completely change a new driver’s perspective on what makes a gas station stand out from the crowd. Not only can you fill up your tank, but you will be filling up your stomach too with all the savory snacks and other made-to-order goodies available at any Sheetz location. Order refreshing beverages, custom coffees, delectable sweet treats, filling meals, and tons of other tasty morsels to munch on while you’re on the go. 

If you know a new driver who has a passion for food that’s both delicious and convenient, then a Sheetz gift card will make the perfect gift!

7. Jiffy Lube

Speedy Service is the Name of the Game

Buy a Jiffy Lube gift card

Founded in Utah back in 1971, Jiffy Lube has been confidently helping to maintain the cars of drivers across the country for over fifty years now. Jiffy Lube can assist drivers with a range of automobile services, including general repairs, tire maintenance, brake checks, and related facilities. 

Jiffy Lube employs a team of professional and highly trained technicians who work fast to get your vehicle back on the streets in no time at all. Renowned for their specialty oil change services, it generally takes Jiffy Lube less than an hour to complete the task, unlike the varying amount of time it may take at other mechanic shops. 

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8. Speedway

There’s Always Time for a Quick Stop

Buy a Speedway gift card

Speedway is an American gas station and convenience store chain with locations littered across the Midwest and East Coast regions of the United States. It has been in operation since 1959 and recently joined the 7-Eleven company as a subsidiary, bringing even more fun features and benefits to drivers in thirty-four states. 

With the Speedway rewards system, drivers earn points on pretty much every item they purchase, which are able to be redeemed at a later point on things like fuel, food, beverages, and other merchandise. 

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9. Taco Bell

Add Some Flavor to Your Life

Buy a Taco Bell gift card

If the ever-popular fast food cuisine of burgers and french fries isn’t your driver’s cup of tea, don’t be afraid to branch out and go for an option that’s a little more thrilling. Taco Bell deviates from typical American fare by offering a menu packed with Mexican-inspired meal options, albeit with an American twist. 

There’s plenty to choose from at every Taco Bell location, including made-to-order and customizable items like burritos, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, vegetarian options, beverages, and desserts. They also have a specialties menu with reigning fan-favorites, from the very crunchy to the super cheesy. 

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10. Custom Mastercard

This Gift Goes a Long Way

Buy a custom Mastercard gift card

It’s hard to know exactly what gift is best for a new driver. There’s no saying where they’ll go or what they’ll do with their newfound driving privilege, so more specific gift card options may only come in handy during certain circumstances. Even gas station gift cards, which are extremely helpful, may not be able to be utilized right away if no locations for a particular chain reside in the area. 

Rather than worry over the possibility of your gift failing to help out in a pinch, go with something that’s a bit more versatile, such as a customized gift card that can be used for almost anything, anywhere. Build your own custom Mastercard with a meaningful message behind it and load it with the amount that seems right to you. Any new driver is sure to appreciate such a thoughtful, proactive gift.

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And that concludes our list of gift card options perfect for new drivers. We hope you found tons of great gift ideas to consider for any new drivers you may know!