The Lowdown On Old Navy Codes, Deals And FAQs

Old Navy is the perfect go-to spot for stylish, yet affordable, clothing and accessories. They literally have something for the entire family: dresses to button downs, children to maternity. Their basics are always top notch, resulting in season after season of wear. 

And who can forget about their catchy Old Navy Performance Fleece jingle that always seems to get stuck in my head right before bedtime. Yes, I know it’s from 10+ years ago but for whatever reason I can’t help it. Please tell me I’m not the only one to remember each and every word.

Online Shopping

How To Save Money At Old Navy

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a big fan of Old Navy. But that doesn’t mean I can just drop hundreds every time I walk in there; budgeting is key. I’ve found some money-saving tips and tricks to use during your Old Navy shopping sprees. Why pay full price when you can quickly and easily get a deal?

Use An Old Navy Discount Gift Card

Are you over here wondering, “What is a discount gift card?!” Let’s discuss. Aunt Sally gets you a gift card for a store that you don’t like (shhhh…it’s our secret). Well, what are you supposed to do with that gift card? Do you: 1. Let it go unused, 2. Re-gift it or 3. Sell it to a gift card reseller. Well, the choice is yours. But I’m here to open your eyes to something called the secondary gift card market where people sell their unwanted gift cards for cash. 

Reseller companies such as Cardpool buy gift cards and then sell those gift cards at a discounted price. This is where you can benefit: you may want to consider buying an Old Navy discount gift card. Savings can vary between 10% to 20% due to supply and demand. 

Wait For An Old Navy Clearance Sale

I’m always enticed by Old Navy’s clearance section; they have the best basics that are versatile for nearly any function or event. But did you know you could save even more? Old Navy sometimes offers additional discounts on their clearance items. Always be on the lookout!

Find A (Real) Coupon

Keyword here is real. Too often I’ll go looking for a coupon and realize it’s expired or isn’t even real. But, I found something that’s pretty cool: Old Navy has a page on their website dedicated to coupons and promo codes. No need to scour the Internet trying to find a coupon that actually works.

Old Navy Coupon Example

Old Navy also has something called Super Cash where customers can earn coupons by making a purchase. They currently have an offer where every $25 spent now until April 26 earns a $10 coupon for use between April 27 and May 5. Keep into consideration that you can’t use your Super Cash on Everyday Steal and Hot Deals. That being said, you may want to redeem your Super Cash in-store.

Shop Online

Did you know that usually has some sort of code you can use on your purchase? While in-store promotions are available, you’ll typically find a better deal online. And, I mean, it’s just another reason to do all of your shopping online. 

And remember to stack it up! You can use up to three coupon codes on your online order. 

Shop At An Old Navy Outlet

Do you have an Old Navy outlet near you? Remember to stop by to browse their deals and promotions.

Something to keep in mind. I recently read an article that explains the items sold in outlet stores are typically manufactured for the outlet store. Additionally, the quality of outlet clothing is usually cheaper than the merchandise found in non-outlet stores. Uhhhh…what?! The whole time I thought the clothes at outlets are leftovers from previous seasons or maybe had some type of defect. In some instances that’s probably the case, however, it’s apparent from the article that’s not always true. This article was an eye opener for me and is a great reminder to consider the quality of products from outlet stores.

Old Navy FAQs

Does Old Navy have a credit card?

Yes; Old Navy has a credit card. It can be used at any of the Gap Inc. family brands including Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta, Janie and Jack, Intermix and Hill City. Old Navy currently has a promotion where new cardmembers receive 25% off their first purchase with their Old Navy credit card.

Cardmembers receive 5 points for every $1 spent. Keep into consideration that points are earned at any of the Gap Inc. family brands. You’ll receive a $5 reward for every $100 spent (500 points). 

Extra perks include free shipping on orders equaling $100 or more, double and triple point offers and a birthday deal.

Does Old Navy have store pickup?

Old Navy In-Store Pickup

Yes they do! You can buy your merchandise online and then pickup in-store. Wondering what’s so great about it? Store pickup is perfect for last-minute gifts and a great way to avoid those dreaded shipping fees. I will avoid shipping whatever way possible. In fact, there are times that I’ll even abandon my cart if free shipping isn’t included.

Does Old Navy have plus size clothes in store?

Storefronts carry up to a size 20 in bottoms and an XXL in tops. I called two different stores and verified this information with sales associates to confirm these details. For reference, if you’re shopping online, Old Navy bottoms go to a size 30 and tops go to a size 4X.   

What tricks do you have up your sleeve for saving at Old Navy? I’d love to hear them! Feel free to share them in the comments below.