The Skinny On Electronic Gift Cards

Wondering what the deal is with electronic gift cards? Read below to learn more.

What Is An Electronic Gift Card

An electronic gift card is also known as a digital, virtual, mobile or eGift card. While they’re like plastic or physical cards they come in the form of a gift code.

How Do You Send An Electronic Gift Card

An electronic gift card is sent via email, text or app. Delivery can take anywhere between 15 minutes to 24 hours depending on the retailer. Just remember to triple check the recipient’s email address; you don’t want the electronic gift card sent to the incorrect person!

It’s All About Timing

eGifts make great last-minute presents and can easily be sent to friends of family who are out of state.

You Can’t Find Your Electronic Gift Card

Ah, the beauty of an eGift card; you don’t need to lug it around in your wallet. And if you can’t find it, simply contact the retailer’s customer service. They will more than likely be able to electronically send your gift card again.