Ways to Say Thank You: Our Top Thank You Gift Cards

When someone goes above and beyond to help or to get the job done, they should be thanked! Whether it is in the workplace, or on a more personal level, if you’re feeling grateful for the assistance of a coworker, friend, or family member, you should always make sure you thank them. All too often people don’t make it a point to thank others for their help or assistance. Instead of just assuming “they know” that you’re thankful, how about saying it outloud? This is a great way to create closer bonds with others, whether professionally or in your circle of friends and family.


One step better than saying thank you, is giving a gift to say thanks too! We’re not saying you always have to give a gift when you want to say thanks, but if someone really went out of their way to help, a gift is a great idea. And we can’t think of a better gift idea than a gift card. When you say thank you with a gift card, you’re letting the recipient know that you care about them, and want to sincerely thank them for their assistance.


Gift cards are always welcomed because they allow the recipient to choose exactly what they want, when they want to get it. Giving the gift of choice really shows that you want your thank you gift to be meaningful, and not something generic or something they do not want anyway.


If you’re looking for thank you gift cards, you’ve come to the right place. No matter who you’re thanking, or what you’re thanking them for, these are some great ways to do it, including:


  • Gift cards for restaurants
  • Gift cards for entertainment
  • Gift cards for fun


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There’s always something yummy to eat at this popular Australian-themed restaurant


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If you really want to show someone you care, make sure you get them a gift card to one of their favorite restaurants! If you don’t know exactly what their favorite restaurant is, you can’t go wrong with one that offers all kinds of delicious food to their patrons like Outback Steakhouse. This is one of the most popular steakhouses around where you can get steaks made to order, salads, seafood, appetizers like the famous Bloomin’ Onion, ribs, chicken, pasta, and so much more.


Don’t forget to wash it all down with one of their signature drinks or a cold beer. Outback prides itself on serving yummy food to their patrons with warm, welcoming customer service. 


If you’d like to say thanks to someone, make sure you pick them up a gift card to this fan favorite restaurant at Gift Card Granny

Panera Bread

Say thank you with a gift card to Panera and make someone’s day!


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Does someone you know like the morning ritual of getting coffee and a bagel? Or perhaps they like taking some time out of their day to get a nice lunch? No matter which meal they like more, you can’t go wrong thanking someone with a gift card to Panera Bread. Panera is a great option any time of the day, and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a few things on their expansive menu. Whether they’d like bagels, pastries, and coffee, or would prefer one of their bigger meals, this place is sure to please.


With options like soup, salad, sandwiches, flatbreads, mac n’ cheese, bowls, and dessert, there is always a reason to go check out Panera.


Make sure you give the gift of a great meal at any time of day and say thank you with a gift card to Panera bread at Gift Card Granny!

P.F. Chang’s

If you know someone who loves Asian-American food, this gift card is perfect


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Everyone likes to try new cuisines once in a while. It gives us the chance to break out of our comfort zones and experience new meals, and maybe even find some new favorites! If you know someone that loves Asian cuisine, or would like to try something new, make sure you get a gift card to P.F. Chang’s. This place really has it all when it comes to well-crafted food, with options like their famous lettuce wraps, edamame, dynamite shrimp, dumplings, salads, Mongolian beef, orange chicken, and lo mein, there’s a little bit of something for everyone.


Did you know that P.F. Chang’s also serves sushi and dim sum? That’s right you can get your favorite sushi rolls and enjoy egg rolls and crab wontons with your meals as well.


Want to say thank you to someone? Consider picking up a thank you gift card to P.F. Chang’s from Gift Card Granny and start earning cash back on your purchases!


Getting something sweet to eat is always a great way to say thanks



When someone has done a good job or has gone over and beyond to help you out, it’s always polite to say thank you. If you’d like to include a gift card too, we think one of the best options out there is where they can get something sweet to eat. If you’d really like to show your gratitude, get someone a gift card to Yogurtland! This place has it all when it comes to frozen yogurt, so they’re sure to find a flavor they love and satisfy their sweet tooth. 


You can choose from amazing flavors like cake batter, chocolate milkshake, blueberry pancakes, pistachio, coconut, banana pudding, and many more! There’s something about going out for yogurt that seems to brighten any day. If you’d like to say thank you, consider giving the gift of yummy frozen yogurt!


Make sure to snag your gift card to Yogurtland at Gift Card Granny and let someone you know enjoy a sweet treat! 

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble has so many amazing books, and that gift card will be much appreciated



If you know someone that loves to read, why not get them a gift card to Barnes & Noble to say thank you? It’s tough to know what people like to read, which is why buying a book for someone else can be tricky. You don’t know if they’ve already read it, and you don’t know if they’d even like it! Why not play it safe and get them a gift card to say thank you instead. This way they’re sure to get the book they’ve had their eye on, or have been meaning to read for years.


In addition to all their favorite books, Barnes & Noble also offers audiobooks, eBooks, stationary, music, and movies. Did you also know that B&N also has a great selection of toys and games? That’s right, so if you don’t feel like picking up a book, they have lots of puzzles, Legos, and even travel games to take on the go.


Make sure you hurry over to Gift Card Granny and pick up a gift card to Barnes & Noble for someone you know to say thank you!


Amazon has almost anything someone might need, and is a great way to say thanks


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If you really want to say thank you to someone, get them a gift card to a place that is sure to have anything they might need. Amazon is one of the most popular places to give gift cards for, since they have almost anything you might need. With this gift card, they can choose whether they want to splurge and get themselves a nice watch, jewelry, a new outfit, or those fabulous shoes they’ve had their eye on. It also allows them to pick up things for their home, with appliances like food processors, blenders, toaster ovens, air fryers, microwaves, and many more. Amazon also carries the latest tech, making it a once stop shop to stay up to date on the latest trends.


Amazon gives the recipient of your gift card the opportunity to choose exactly what they need, whether it’s something to treat themselves with, or something to make their home space that much more enjoyable. 


Unfortunately, Gift Card Granny does not yet have Amazon gift cards, but make sure you check back often because we’re always adding new brands!


Flowers are always a great way to say thank you to someone!


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Sending someone flowers is such a nice gesture. It shows that you’re thinking about them, and that you want their day to be brightened with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Instead of sending someone flowers to say thank you, why not send them a gift card to 1800Flowers? With a gift card, they can look over all the options for flowers that are available on the site, and pick exactly what they want!


Whether it’s a bunch of roses, a mix of beautiful carnations, sunflowers, or even cute succulents, with a gift card the recipient gets to make the decision. Flowers can brighten any room, and having them delivered by a local florist right to your door makes this an easy decision when you want to say thank you with a gift card.


Make sure you swing by Gift Card Granny and pick up a gift card to 1800Flowers for someone you know today! 


Movie Theater Gift Card

Give the gift of the movies with a thank you gift card



Another option for a thank you gift for someone you know is to purchase a gift card for a movie theater. Everyone enjoys going to the movies, and there are all kinds of movies out there that are definitely worth it to see on the big screen. Whether they like action, drama, foreign, animated, comedies, or horror flicks, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to a movie theater. With a gift card, the recipient can decide what movie they want to see, and bring along anyone else that wants to come!


It’s also an incentive to take some time out for themselves, by enjoying the experience of going to the movies! Who doesn’t love deciding what candies to get, what size popcorn, or what fountain drinks they should bring into the theater with them?


You can pick up gift cards to Fandango, Cinemark, and AMC Theatres right on the Gift Card Granny site! Earn yourself cash back and purchase a great thank you gift. 

Southwest Airlines

Travel is always fun, and even better with a gift card


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Another great way to say thank you is with a gift card that gives the gift of travel. So why not pick up a gift card to Southwest Airlines for someone you know? Traveling can be expensive, but it’s something most people really want to do. This is where a gift card would be incredibly helpful! Take away some of the cost and allow them to go out and explore. There’s nothing that beats the experience of traveling and seeing new cities and meeting new people.


Make sure to head over to Gift Card Granny and pick up a gift card to Southwest Airlines!


Give them the freedom of choice with a Visa gift card


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If you really want to ensure they’re going to love your thank you gift, make sure to pick up a Visa gift card! These cards can be used almost anywhere in the world, and are always welcomed when given as a gift. Whether they want to use it on a vacation, to get groceries, or just to treat themselves to a new outfit, Visa is accepted at many different locations.


Get someone you know a gift card to Visa from Gift Card Granny!


There’s our list of the top 10 gift cards to say thank you. If you ever want to send one to someone special, make sure to get them at Gift Card Granny and earn yourself cash back!