Frequently Asked Questions About eGift Cards

Updated 7/10/2020

An eGift card is one of the most popular gifts to receive. There are a wide variety of restaurants and retailers that offer eGift cards because they are easy to send and make for a quick, last-minute present. But there are a few details you should know before using or sending. Below are frequently asked questions about eGift cards.

What are eGift cards

An electronic gift card is a code sent to the recipient via an electronic platform. They are commonly referred to as digital, electronic, virtual, or mobile gift cards.

How is an eGift card sent

An eGift card is sent and delivered electronically through email, app, or text. Delivery time can be nearly instantaneous or take up to 24 hours depending on the retailer.

Where can I buy an eGift card

eGift cards are available to purchase online. Visit any restaurant or retailer website and navigate to their gift card page to see if they offer virtual gift cards.

At times, brands will run promotions with a gift card purchase like buy one, get one. However, you can always save money on your eGift card purchase when you buy one on Gift Card Granny. Earn cash back rewards or get a discount when you send an eGift card.

How do I send an eGift card

What’s great about digital gift cards is that you can send a gift in minutes from your home. Here are the steps to send an eGift card.

  1. Select the eGift card option.
  2. Choose the gift card amount.
  3. Choose how many gift cards you want to send in the quantity section.
  4. Enter the recipient details which include the name and email address.
  5. Write a personal message to send along with your gift.
  6. Add the eGift card to your cart and proceed to checkout.

How do electronic gift cards work

Depending on the retailer you will either provide the gift card numbers on the payment screen when checking out or, you will upload the gift card amount to your account.

Show the eGift card on your digital device to be redeemed at the register. You may also print it out on a home printer and bring it to the store.

Gift Card Granny Tip: Some digital gift cards can only be used online. Call the retailer’s customer service to confirm the details.

What if I can’t find my eGift card

If you received an eGift card and are not sure where to find it, contact the retailer’s customer service to see if they can resend your eGift card. If delivered via email, be sure to check your spam and promotions folders.