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How To Use A Visa Gift Card Online

Want to know a little known fact? You can shop online with your Visa gift card. But you should be aware of common problems that may occur. Here’s what you should do before attempting to make an online purchase.

Register Your Card

Card recipients should go online to register the card. Why? This ensures a name and address is linked to the card. When an order is placed, stores often use an Address Verification System to verify the card matches the billing address. This process helps restrict fraudulent activity associated with a lost or stolen card.

Not Enough Funds On The Gift Card

Be aware that certain stores require an exact amount or more on the card in order to complete the transaction. If the card does not have sufficient funds you may be out of luck unless a store allows you to apply a gift card balance to a purchase.

Store Restrictions

Sometimes there are stores that restrict the use of prepaid gift cards. This can often be found with any sort of monthly subscription charge.

Have you successfully (or unsuccessfully) used your Visa gift card online? Share your tips below.

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