How To Get An Amazon Student Discount

Oh, Amazon. What would we do without you? No matter how much we spend, you always keep us coming back for more. Amazon is relied on for many of our shopping needs. It’s a great way to compare prices, read reviews, and find products you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams (for example, this).

When it comes to satisfying those last minute shopping needs after the stores nearest to you have closed or scouting out products that are impossible to find in your area, Amazon is always going to deliver, no pun intended. Plus, unlike lesser known online retailers that may take forever to ship your order, delivery through Amazon can occur in as little as two days. With shipping speeds that fast, it is no wonder Amazon is so popular among a huge swath of households all across the country and beyond. 

To ensure loyal customers receive prompt service and great deals during online shopping, Amazon offers all of its customers the chance to purchase a Prime membership, which elevates the shopping experience even more. Members of Amazon Prime have access to a ton of perks that are worthwhile to anyone who frequently shops online, such as free shipping and bargain deals on items that are not accessible to average shoppers. All of this and more is attainable through either a small monthly fee or an annual lump sum – however you prefer to get charged for the membership costs. 

Believe it or not, the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners reports that nearly half of U.S. households have an Amazon Prime account. With so many Amazon Prime users out there, it is only natural to wonder if every single account that utilizes Prime is truly getting their money’s worth out of the membership. How many of those households are overpaying for their membership? How many folks are not making the most out of all of their benefits? Are you one of the users who could be saving more without knowing it? 

If any of these questions are at the forefront of your mind, you’re in luck. We are going to cover how you may be able to save big on a discounted Amazon Prime membership by simply attending a nationally recognized college or university. Eligible folks can sign up for Amazon Prime Student, where you get all the advantages of an Amazon Prime membership at a fraction of the total cost. Interested in learning more? Keep reading to get all the information you need on creating an Amazon Prime Student account. 

What is Amazon Prime Student?

Amazon Prime Student is a membership program available to those who are currently enrolled in a college or university. Whether it is a state school or private university, Amazon gives all students the chance to save on a membership with Amazon Prime Student. 

Members receive a free six-month trial. Perks include:

  • Free two-day shipping
  • Prime Photos (unlimited storage)
  • Prime movies and TV shows (unlimited streaming)

This six-month free trial period is just as good as a paid membership and really lets you determine if a Prime Student membership is right for you. Rather than waste money on something you do not end up using, the Amazon Prime Student trial allows you to experiment with your membership at no financial risk to yourself, which is particularly great for students who are already low on disposable income as it is. And if you end up not really liking it, you can cancel your free trial and not have to worry about making any payment in the future. 

While that all sounds amazing, you must be wondering what happens when the free trial is up? Don’t worry about being taken by surprise, because we are here to tell you exactly what you can expect after your free trial period has ended. Once you have exhausted your six-month free trial, your membership will automatically rollover and be charged to your preferred payment method registered to your Amazon account. Prime Student members receive a 50% discounted membership fee for four years or until graduation, whichever happens to come sooner. With Prime Student, customers can expect to pay a yearly rate of $69 or a monthly rate of $7.49. 

How Do I Join Amazon Prime Student?

  • Sign up is easy and requires a valid .edu email address.
  • Visit Amazon’s Prime Student signup page
  • Click on the bright yellow button that says ‘Try Prime Student’
  • Provide your .edu email address and expected graduation year
  • Be on the lookout for an email with a verification link to complete the signup process

What happens if you somehow do not have a .edu email address or do not wish to connect your Amazon account to your school email? Have you missed your chance to score a free trial and discounted Prime Student membership? Not quite, thankfully. 

You don’t need to have your .edu email address linked to your account. Only the initial verification email will be sent to your .edu email address. 

Are you in school but don’t have a .edu address? You can still obtain a Prime Student membership with a few extra steps. Send one of the following documents to

  • Photo of your student ID (with expiration date)
  • Copy of your current semester tuition bill
  • Transcript that includes your name and school’s name
  • Acceptance letter (enrollment date required)

Be sure to keep an eye on your anniversary date. Prime Student membership automatically rolls into an Amazon Prime subscription (and Amazon Prime price) once you graduate or when the fourth year of your Prime Student membership is up.

Prime Student Benefits

If you are familiar with the standard Amazon Prime benefits all members get to take advantage of, such as free two-day shipping and access to streaming some of the best shows and movies for free with Prime Video, then you should be pleased to know that Prime Student members receive all of the usual benefits, plus a few more tailored specifically for students in school. 

For students who need their supplies delivered fast and hassle-free, a Prime membership offers two-day, one-day, and same-day shipping options at no additional cost, though be aware that same-day shipping is only available in select locations. And since no student can hope to make it through the semester without a reliable food source, Prime Student members can also take advantage of Grubhub+ food delivery and avoid paying repetitive delivery fees, which can put a sizable dent in any savings account. Grubhub+ is a great option to have for students who need a meal on-demand or are bored of the same old offerings in the campus cafeteria. 

Staying entertained is another crucial part of life while away at college. Being far from home, it can be difficult for some students to adjust to such a drastic lifestyle change, but keeping yourself preoccupied can help you cope with any loneliness or anxiety you experience on campus, especially if you have not quite made any good friends yet. Nobody deserves to feel out of place, and there is nothing like your favorite TV show or movie to help keep you company. You can access all of this with Prime Video, Amazon Music Prime, and Prime Gaming.  

Arguably one of the best features for college students that Amazon Prime Student offers members is Prime Reading and the Textbook Rental service. School means reading, and many college textbooks and other required readings can be quite costly once they are all added up. Rather than buy each book you need for a particular class, you can opt to rent them with Amazon for the semester. This feature will save you a ton of money, especially when it comes to the latest editions of textbooks that can easily go for over a hundred dollars. Amazon also offers fantastic deals on buying discounted textbooks, meaning you get a textbook that has been used by another student just like you for a fraction of the price. Even though they are used books, Amazon ensures they are in working condition with no missing pages, so you will not have to worry about receiving a book that you cannot fully use. 

Another amazing bonus of Amazon Prime is the Prime Try Before You Buy feature. Rather than purchasing new clothes online and being disappointed that they do not end up fitting, Prime members can test out various apparel items before committing to them. If you are someone who struggles to find accurate sizes when shopping online, you will certainly not want to pass up this nifty feature. Plus, you can take all the pictures you want of your new outfit and store them with Amazon Photos and Amazon Drive. 

There are plenty of discounts limited to Prime members as well, which saves you money on all kinds of different products. Enjoy fabulous deals on your favorite items and must-have products, access discounts at Whole Foods, and get early access to Lightning Deals that are only available in limited quantities. 

Some student-exclusive offers that Prime Student members should definitely take advantage of include Course Hero, Student Universe, Amazon Warehouse, and Calm. For students who need extra learning resources, Prime members get to try out Course Hero for one month for free to receive homework help, help from live tutors, and an overall way less stressful semester. Student Universe enables students to save up to 10% on flights and hotels with free premium customer support, which is worth it if you travel frequently as a student. Calm, a meditative app, gives students access to a free three-month premium subscription, which then becomes $8.99 per year, a huge discount from its regular list price of $69.99. Students can save an extra $5 on their first purchase from Amazon Warehouse, too. 


With so many potential benefits, an Amazon Prime Student membership is well worth the price tag. Even if you are not a habitual online shopper, it is nice to have access to all the supplies you need even when you are far away from home. Some college campuses are located in areas where shopping in-person at retail stores and supermarkets is near-impossible for students without reliable transportation, which is exactly why having something like Amazon Prime in your pack pocket is such a lifesaver. 

If you believe that Amazon Prime Student is something that will benefit your life, why not start your free six-month trial today? With no money down, it is basically your ticket to a bunch of free services that have the potential to transform your college experience for the better!

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