How To Use A Vanilla Visa Gift Card Online

Vanilla Visa gift cards can be used online, however there are a few required steps before making the first purchase. Use the information below to learn about the details.

How To Use A Vanilla Visa Gift Card Online

Ready to put that gift card to use? Follow the tips below.

1. Add Your Zip Code Before Attempting A Purchase
For security purposes, some retailers require a zip code to place an order. To add a zip code to your card, log into your Vanilla gift card account and select manage card. Here you’ll be able to assign a zip code.

2. Don’t Forget To Add Your Address
Online payments require an address when completing a purchase. Make sure to use the address associated with the zip code that was added.

3. Where To Use
Your Visa Vanilla gift card can be used online within the United States wherever Visa debit is accepted.

As a tip, remember to either write down or take a picture of your card details. This helps protect the funds if your card is ever lost or stolen. And don’t forget that restaurants and gas pump terminals could potentially put a hold on your gift card that’s greater than the purchase amount.