Granny's New Money-Saving Expert, Trae Bodge

Granny is thrilled to announce our very own expert in savings, Trae Bodge. She frequently gives interviews on the latest gift card trends and insider scoops. You can watch her on national and local news segments spreading the good word of Granny. We sat down over a cup of coffee to discuss her background and expertise. Here are some interesting facts we learned from Trae.

1. How did you become a savings expert?

I became a savings expert through a very circuitous route. I’ve been cost conscious for as long as I can remember, but living frugally really became ingrained when I started a beauty business with two friends. We were self-funded, so watching our pennies was essential. After I left that business to start the next chapter of my professional life, I started writing for a few different websites, and the focus happened to be smart shopping. It was through that experience that I developed a love for fabulous, budget-friendly products and shopping sites and apps.

2. What type of money-saving strategies do you use daily?

Every tool I talk about, I use on a regular basis. A discounted gift card here, a promo code or cash back benefit there… The tools that I use most frequently have desktop extensions so I don’t have to think about saving when I shop, I just save automatically!

3. What sets Granny apart from other money-saving techniques? 

Shopping with a discounted gift card is a savings method that many people don’t think about. By layering a discounted gift card with other savings tools, you can save a bundle! It’s all just a matter of getting in the habit.

Such helpful insight from Trae! Remember you can always find the latest Gift Card Granny media mentions on the press page

See Trae in action!