How to Buy a Mastercard Gift Card

Buying a Mastercard gift card is easy! There are a few ways to make a Mastercard gift card purchase, mainly in-store or online. These cards are incredibly versatile as they are accepted in almost every retailer nationwide. This article will cover everything you need to know about how to buy a Mastercard gift card, including information on making the purchase, where to buy a Mastercard gift card, and when it makes sense to buy one. 

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How to Buy a Mastercard Gift Card

There are a few ways to make a Mastercard gift card purchase (mainly in-store or online), and many retailers sell these cards. Purchasing a Mastercard gift card is often as simple as heading to the retailer and checking out with the card, but this section will cover all you need to know about buying a Mastercard gift card so you are prepared for any obstacles across which you may run. 

Purchasing Mastercard Gift Cards Online

Numerous online retailers sell Mastercard gift cards. On our website, you can buy a plastic or e-gift card, and a few other websites do the same. Notably, Mastercard sells Mastercard gift cards on their website. Visa, the other main retailer of prepaid gift cards that are accepted in just about every store, does not sell gift cards on its own site. Visa directs users to another site, like Gift Card Granny, to purchase their prepaid gift cards. 

Purchasing Mastercard Gift Cards In-Store

There are a lot of stores that sell Mastercard gift cards in their gift card section. Mastercard gift cards are a great purchase, but in-store purchases are generally limited to plastic cards. Purchasing a card in-store is quite easy, as you can buy it like any other item from the store. Here’s a list of where to buy Mastercard gift cards: 




Big Y Foods

Bi Lo

Food 4 Less

Food Lion


Giant Foods

Giant Eagle


King Kullen

King Soopers



Parkway Market


Price Chopper




Stater Brothers

Stop & Shop



Winn Dixie




Duane Reade

Longs Drugs

Rite Aid



Chevron Texaco

Circle K

Dollar General

Office Depot

Office Max


Super Dollar


Tree Top Kids

How to Register and Activate Your Mastercard Gift Card

You can activate a gift card here or call the toll-free number on the back of your card. To activate a Mastercard gift card, you need your card number, expiration date, and security code on hand. All of these are located on the card. We recommend keeping this information on hand in case your gift card is ever lost or stolen. There is a chance you can restore your card and spend the remaining balance, but you need all the information to do so.

When it's time, you can find where to buy Mastercard gift cards online or in-store with a Google search!

When to Buy a Mastercard Gift Card

Buying a Mastercard gift card is a versatile purchase that you can buy for yourself or for your friends and family. This section will cover all the times you can make a Mastercard gift card purchase. Lots of people pass up Mastercard gift cards, using straight cash instead. At the end of the day, both are good, but there are a lot of customization options to make Mastercard gift cards a fun and personal gift, especially if you wrap it in something exciting or add a few small gifts to compliment the card. 

Purchase a Mastercard Gift Card as a Gift

To start off this section, we have Mastercard gift cards as gifts to your friends and family. There are a lot of occasions when gifts are given. We think Mastercard gift cards are a great way to give a monetary gift that’s more personal than a check or cash. There are a lot of little ways to create fun gifts when you buy a Mastercard gift card online. 


At the start of our list are birthdays! Birthdays are fantastic occasions and classic ones to give gifts to friends and family. There is, inevitably, a time when it is very hard to figure out the right gifts for your friends. There are phases of everyone’s life where the thing they need the most is, well, money. Buying a Mastercard gift card online is a great way to get them something you know they will appreciate. 


Money is a classic gift for graduation gifts. There are a ton of excellent ways to give monetary graduation gifts, and making a Mastercard gift card purchase is one of them. 


Come the holiday season, there are a lot of gifts to buy. Budgeting for holiday gift-giving is a stressful time for many, and if you know there is someone in your life who is worried about that sort of thing, you can spend your holiday budget purchasing a Mastercard gift card for them that lessens the burden of their holiday budget. 


Last but not least is buying Mastercard gift cards for weddings and bridal showers. There are a lot of monetary gifts at weddings, and a Mastercard gift card is a great way to give them something good for their honeymoon. 

Purchase a Mastercard Gift Card for Yourself

Budgeting Monthly Purchases

You can purchase a Mastercard gift card for yourself for the purposes of budgeting monthly purchases. Budgets are an amazing way to keep track of your spending, but while they look good on paper, it is challenging to follow them month after month. If you find that there’s a piece of your budget that often gives you trouble, consider using a Mastercard gift card as an additional obstacle to keep you on track. You’ll get a big reminder when you look at the balance of your Mastercard each month, and you can use whatever you have left over as a bonus for the next month. 

Mastercard Gift Cards are Usable in Any Store

Mastercard gift cards are a great way to keep a set amount of money with you when you don’t want to use a credit card, debit card, or cash. This is great when you want to travel light. 

You can take them to any store and use them like a regular debit card. You can check your balance at any time and use the last few dollars left over easily as long as you have another form of payment on hand. While these cards are great for traveling light, you cannot recharge them when they run out, so you have to keep purchasing new cards when you use them. There is a different card called a Prepaid Mastercard, which lets you load money as you desire. The prepaid card is excellent for your use, but Mastercard gift cards are best for gift-giving. 

Celebrate a Special Occasion

We’ve noted a lot of occasions where you can gift Mastercard gift cards, and those occasions, for you, are perfect times to make a Mastercard gift card purchase for yourself! You can customize a Mastercard gift card at Gift Card Granny with a photo and a message line for yourself. You can add a fun or silly photo and treat yourself to something nice. Here are some of our favorite possibilities for treating yourself with a Mastercard gift card. 

  • Food and Restaurants. Do you like to go out to eat? Eating at a restaurant of your choosing is an amazing way to celebrate with your closest buddies or on your own. Dine at your favorite restaurant with a Mastercard gift card!
  • Clothes Shopping. Clothes shopping is, for some, a necessary evil. A Mastercard gift card towards clothes helps you get the items you need to keep your wardrobe stocked. A prepaid card lets you shop at multiple stores, which we know is almost always a necessity before you find the right items. 
  • Entertainment. There are so many fun things to do, from axe throwing to go-kart racing. You can use a Mastercard gift card to prepare for an excursion to celebrate something nice, and purchasing a gift card for yourself makes it easy to set aside the funds to make sure you spend it!
  • Drinks. Last but not least, we have drinks! Drinks are expensive. Anyone who gets coffee or a drink after work each night knows that it is a considerable piece of any budget. It leads many people to make coffee at home or skip out on those little treats during the week. You can purchase a Mastercard gift card to convince yourself to go out and enjoy that latte from your favorite cafe or bar near work. 

Add fun packaging to your Mastercard gift card the next time you buy one to wow the recipient. 

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This is How to Buy a Mastercard Gift Card

We hope that this article has helped you understand how to buy a Mastercard gift card online and in-store. There are many locations where you can purchase them, and after that, you can gift them to one of your friends or spend it yourself! There are so many excellent times to purchase a Mastercard gift card to celebrate someone else’s special occasion or to treat yourself to something you love. 

Remember: you can buy and customize Mastercard gift cards on Gift Card Granny to craft them as the perfect gift for you or your friends. Gift Card Granny offers customized physical gift cards as well as customized e-gift cards. 

FAQ: How to Buy a Mastercard Gift Card

Where can I buy a Mastercard gift card?

There are a lot of places to make a Mastercard gift card purchase. You have options to purchase a Mastercard in-store and online at various gift card websites. 

Can I buy a Mastercard gift card at a physical store?

You can purchase Mastercard gift cards from a variety of physical stores, including supermarkets, drug stores, and retail stores. 

Can I buy a Mastercard gift card online?

You can purchase a Mastercard gift card online through Mastercard’s website or through third-party retailers like Gift Card Granny

What denominations are available for a Mastercard gift card? 

Most Mastercard gift cards are available in denominations between $10 and $500. 

Are there any discounts or promotions for buying a Mastercard gift card?

Discounts are uncommon but possible. Office Depot occasionally runs a promotion where you may save $15 when purchasing $300 or more of Mastercard gift cards.