March 16, 2011

Going Gaga for Gift Cards in Dallas

If you get a call from Rich Uncle inviting you to watch Lady Gaga in a posh suite for free, you say yes...immediately! After one quick phone call begging Naughty Grammy to watch the babies we jetted off to Dallas for two nights of babymoon and Gaga fever. This conservative, pregnant momma had absolutely no idea what she got herself into. That show is ridiculous …

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March 15, 2011

Selling Back Un-used Gift Cards

I knew nothing about American Apparel before buying a discounted gift card from, only that 20% off is a pretty stellar deal for clothing discounts. After a one-minute search on their site I saw they offered maternity clothing--perfect! I'll take one please! But after my $50 gift card arrived and I started browsing the offerings, it turns out that a leotard is the only …

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March 14, 2011

Flower Power

Just how much did I pay for my $100 gift card from Cardpool? $70. That's it! Naughty Grammy's birthday is coming up, plus my sister-in-law's baby shower makes that a great deal. 1800Flowers has always scared me a bit. I've never been much of a floral aficionado and they just looked too expensive. As it turns out, I'm not that far off. Arrangements can …

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March 11, 2011

Merchandise Credit Woes

My great experience at the Gap inspired me to continue in the online quest for apparel, and I was totally frustrated after another hour and a half of carefully selecting shopping bags. When you purchase gift cards, make sure you intend to use those marked "merchandise credit" in a bricks and mortar store only. Today was the day to pick out some apparel goodies online. …

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March 7, 2011

Red Mobster at Red Lobster

After church on Sunday is a very tricky time. The kiddies are tired and worn out from the weekend and need food as soon as humanly possible. So we always sprint to the nearest brunch spot and hope for speedy service. Today we ended up at Red Lobster. I have been to Red Lobster maybe three times in my life. It always seemed like …

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March 6, 2011

FAQ's on Discount Gift Cards and a Gift Card Challenge Confession

Starting anything new is bound to raise a few concerns, and the Gift Card Granny Challenge is no exception. Here are some of the biggest questions that have popped up so far in this journey and what we've found out about them: How do I deal with a small amount of money left on my card? Write the amount with your portable Sharpie and …

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March 3, 2011

How to Stock Up on the Discount Gift Cards You Need

I need to hit the stop button and fill you in on the important stuff; How to actually score discounted cards. The nuts and bolts are simple, but the process seems daunting at first. I feel an outline coming on! 1. Determine your needs. We are adding some landscaping to our front yard and budgeted for $250. The lawn is absolutely revolting, complete with …

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March 2, 2011

Barnes & Noble and Gift Card Conspiracies

We live in a semi-podunk town--not quite backwoods, but definitely not urban. It's a smallish college community. How small? Let's put it this way: One of the hot spots to take my two- and one-year-old is to play with a Thomas the Train setup at a bookstore. And they look forward to it. It doesn't hurt that I sniff books as a habit, so …

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March 1, 2011

Gearing Up for The Gift Card Granny Challenge

I am a kid on Christmas morning! Seriously, I'm jumping around in pjs doing a weird Irish jig while my two-year-old stares at me. The gift cards are assembled, shiny and ready to swipe for Gift Card Granny's Challenge. Here they are in all their splendid plasticity! Take a guess as to which one's my favorite. Hmm? Since …

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March 1, 2011

Great Gap Beginnings

Today's the day! Gift cards we're totally snug as bugs in rugs yesterday in my wallet. Not so this morning! My expanding midsection is in desperate need of non-holey clothing. Seriously, the armpits in every maternity top I own iare gaping open and I'm pretty sure it's because the gift cards have burned holes through them. We need sewn garments stat! I've been trying …

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