Sell Your eGift Cards

Stuck with an electronic gift card you won’t use? Don't let it go to waste! Instead sell your eGift card online with these easy steps.

Where can I sell my electronic gift card?
Gift Card Granny searches multiple sites and lists the monetary amount you will receive when selling your eGift card. By doing so you can compare the results and receive the most for your unwanted gift card. When selling, be mindful that you will not get the full value of the card in return. Payouts are usually between 60 to 90 percent. Depending on where you sell your card, payment options can be cash, check, ACH, PayPal or a gift card to an alternate store. The amount varies by where you sell, transaction and type of gift card. Desirable brands such as Walmart may receive an average of around 90% cash back. 

Be sure to do your research when selling your card. Gather the most up to date information on the gift card market. This data will help you observe each of the partners’ merchandise quantity and determine the resale value. 

You can also sell your partially used gift cards if you’ve used a portion of the gift card but no longer want it. Additionally, merchandise credits are also accepted on a brand by brand basis.

Many of Gift Card Granny’s partners offer the option to list a card with the 'Sell It Now' option. This allows you the ability to choose your own profit margin. Suggested prices are provided, but you are in control of the listing price. Note that this option comes with a listing fee for each card sold. 

If you have qualifying amounts of gift cards you may want to look into bulk selling. This alleviates selling individual cards.