The Best Gift Ideas for Pets During the Holidays

Even though animals don’t really understand the concept of gift giving, it’s still a lot of fun to give them fun new items to interact with and watch as they play and have fun. You can shower your beloved pets with affection and gifts any day out of the year, and the holiday season is no exception to that. If anything, preparing for all of the Christmas festivities gives you even more of a reason to buy random presents for your pets to surprise them with. 

We over at Gift Card Granny have compiled a list of items for both dogs and cats as well as their owners that are perfect for the holidays. Shop cute clothing and accessories, subscription boxes, fun toys, and decorative items you can put around the house to show off your pet around the clock. There are tons of neat products to consider purchasing for your pet out there, even more than we can fit in one list. Don’t be shy when it comes to checking out your favorite retailers and pet suppliers for products that you and your furry friends are sure to love. 

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Gifts for Pets

1. A personalized pet stocking 

Now this gift is the right one to channel that holiday cheer. You can choose to have a personal photo and custom name printed onto the stocking, and there is nothing wrong with preserving an adorable image of your pet onto the fabric. This is a fantastic way to keep your beloved friend included in the Christmas festivities, even if it is indirect. You can store additional presents in the stocking to give to your pet as well. 

Check out the personalized stocking here

2. Custom pet keychain 

Keep your pet by your side wherever you go with a keychain that reminds you of your furry friend. All you need to do in order to design your unique keychain is take a clear photo of the animal whose image you want to use. Select a material for your keychain and make a custom engraving on the back significant to you.  

Shop for custom pet keychains at Etsy

3. PetFusion interactive cat toy

If you live in a small space such as a studio apartment or tiny home and own cats, you want to do your part to make sure they are getting the exercise and enrichment they need to lead healthy lives. A toy that keeps them on their toes and provides entertainment will definitely keep them interested and active. Cats are hunters after all, and they need a toy that will stimulate their hunting instincts. 

You can get the PetFusion cat toy here

A toy that will keep your cat’s attention for a prolonged period of time. 

4. Customized pet calendars 

Lots of people love showing off their lovely pets to others with a nice calendar that can decorate a wall in the house or the office. Create your own with Vistaprint and select from a variety of calendar designs such as magnetic, wall, desk, and poster. Pick an image of your pet that you feel shows them at their best and you will have the opportunity to look at them every single day. 

Check out Vistaprint wall calendars

5. The Pupsicle 

A gift capable of keeping dogs busy for long periods of time, the Pupsicle is a blessing to dog owners who just need a moment of peace and quiet. The Pupsicle is built to house your dog’s favorite treats and occupy them with play by encouraging them to dislodge the treat. Your dog can work on his problem-solving skills while you can focus on what you need to get done. This toy is more safe than bones since there is no risk of broken shards, and it is super user-friendly when it comes to cleaning and operating. 

Purchase The Pupsicle from Woof

6. Dog pillows 

Get a cute pillow with the silhouette of your favorite dog breed featured on it from Etsy. This pillow can be commemorative to an old pet you used to have or for one of your current furry pals. These pillows make for a great addition to any household’s decor with its simplistic, clean design. 

Get the dog breed pillow from Etsy

7. Maxbone Talon Raincoat 

You can keep your dog protected from unsavory weather with a raincoat that is both fashionable and functional. Maxbone offers raincoats for dogs in two colors, traditional yellow and caramel. There are a variety of sizes pet owners can choose from for their animals, for small dogs, larger breeds, and anything in-between. This raincoat is water repellant, features two small pockets, has mesh lining, and comes with a removable hood for your dog’s optimal comfort. It’s a great fit for the pet owner who values their pet’s comfort but also appreciates good style. 

Check out the Maxbone Talon Raincoat

It’s important to keep your furry friends protected and cozy even in bad weather, and this stylish raincoat can do the trick. 

8. BarkBox

Spoil any pup with monthly gifts when you subscribe to BarkBox. Monthly subscriptions are common for so many other things, it only makes sense that there would be subscription services for your pets. With BarkBox, you receive two toys, two bags of treats, and a surprise item, and all of it will be exclusively themed for subscribers. Users can customize their BarkBox based on their dog’s needs and breed, ensuring that their pet always receives quality products that work for them. 

Learn more about a BarkBox subscription here.  

9. Meowfia cave bed

You can gift your kitty a perfect little hideaway with this premium felt cave bed from Meowfia. This space is designed with your cat’s comfort in mind, helping them to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This cat bed makes cats feel as cozy as can be and provides a private space that is protected from view to make sure your feline friend feels secure.

You can buy the Meowfia cave bed here.  

10. Dog sling bag set 

Dog owners are certain to appreciate the hands-free ease with which the Springer dog sling bag and water bottle set bring to their lives. This set includes a leash that attaches to the belt bag, along with a neat water bottle that allows your pet to drink from the bowl. Taking your dog on daily walks will be easier than ever before. You can choose between two colors for the Springer dog sling and water bottle set, sky blue and lilac. 

The Springer dog sling bag and water bottle set is available at Nordstrom

11. Large pet carrier backpack

This awesome cat backpack features a bubble window that allows your feline to look outside as you travel. Constructed of scratch-resistant and waterproof material, this cat backpack is the ideal travel carrier that keeps your cat secure and comfortable. The backpack has plenty of ventilation holes to allow air to circulate, so you do not have to worry about your pet having any difficulty breathing. 

Check out the large pet carrier backpack on Amazon

Think of how easy transporting your cat will be to their future appointments, or even for a visit to the local park, when you have a convenient backpack like this. 

12. Wild One harness

Wild One sells essential products for dog owners, including harnesses, leashes, and collars in a variety of fun colors. This harness from Wild One is the perfect fit for any dog, from puppy to older adult. There are adjustable straps on the neck, chest, and back to accommodate different sizes of breeds. Pet parents can easily slip this harness on and off of their pets and no longer waste time struggling with uncooperative materials. 

You can buy the Wild One harness here

13. KitNipBox

Did somebody order a subscription box built for cats? We have one right here with KitNipBox, which features high quality cat toys, all-natural treats, and plenty of other fun and healthy cat products. Each KitNipBox comes with a surprise theme and is packed with tons of variety to always keep things exciting. A KitNipBox subscription helps to keep your kitty’s selection of toys fresh so that they stay stimulated and do not cause damage to your furniture. 

Learn more about a subscription to KitNipBox

14. Christian Cowan x Maxbone jumper 

Give your pup style with this flamboyant jumper that is the unique creation of artist Christian Cowan and Maxbone. Poofy and adorable, this jumper can be worn anytime of the year, from warm months to the cold ones. This jumper is certain to catch eyes and cause your puppy to become the talk of the town, or at the very least get a few pats on the head. Choose from hot pink, mint, light blue, yellow, and lavender to give your dog’s jumper a shade that suits them. 

Get the Christian Cowan x Maxbone jumper

15. Leather pet collar

Want to go all-out for your beloved canine pal? A leather pet collar from Mark and Graham that is personalized with their name is just what you need to show off your love for your friend. A luxurious gift, this collar is manufactured to last with genuine leather and polished brass finish hardware that’s lacquered to prevent rust. It can easily be paired with the leather dog leash for a complete walking set. 

The leather pet collar from Mark and Graham is available here

It’s fun to include your pets when you celebrate the holidays because it makes them feel like they are a part of the family!


There’s no wrong answer when it comes to buying your pet a gift in order to enrich their lives. From cute clothing to practical items that make caring for them easier on you, there are so many kinds of gifts suited for pets and their owners. 

Have a great time with your furry friends as you indulge in the Christmas festivities this year and spoil them with the affection they deserve!