Top 14 Mother's Day Gift Cards that Will Make Her Day

Some people have mothers that are easy to buy for. All they have to do is buy a candle or something for their house and call it a day. Others find it more difficult to buy the right Mother’s Day gifts for their mom.

If you find it hard to think of Mother’s Day gift ideas for your mom, sometimes finding gift cards for mom is easier and lets her buy what she needs. This post gives you plenty of Mother’s Day gift card ideas and where to find these gift cards online.

What is a Good Gift Card for Mother’s Day?

The best gift is either useful or something she would never buy for herself. Often the mother in your life has many things she likes but doesn’t want to spend money on, as for most moms’ family comes first. Things she can use every day like kitchen or household items that make life easier also make great gifts.

Even taking her on a nice vacation, whether that’s for a week or the weekend, may be the best present for her as she probably values quality family time.

Often Mother’s Day e-gifts like gift cards and Mother’s Day gift certificates make the perfect present as it lets her buy whatever she needs and wants. That’s why we created this list of the best gift cards for Mother’s Day you can get her this year.

Top Online Mother’s Day Gift Cards to Buy for Mom

Here are the top Mother’s Day gift card options for your mom this holiday.

Amazon Mother’s Day Gift Card

It’s no secret that Amazon is one of the most popular places to buy anything on the planet. From clothes to household items to pet products and more, you can find almost anything you need on Amazon.

They even have the option of turning your regular purchases into subscriptions. A subscription ensures your mother gets the things she needs, like medicine for health issues, vitamins, household supplies, and more.

Also, with two-day shipping, Amazon provides fast delivery of everything you need. So, if your mom loves to shop on Amazon, she would likely love a gift card here.

Walmart Gift Card

Walmart is every bit as popular as Amazon, so it would make a great Mother’s Day gift card this year. Some of the best Mother’s Days gifts are useful, and Walmart can certainly fill that need. She can even buy groceries from Walmart or her medicines, home necessities, books, magazines, and more.

A Walmart gift card is the type of Mother’s Day gift that lets her pick what she wants or needs, which can help her buy things, not in her budget. If you purchase the Walmart gift card through Gift Card Granny, you can get it sent to her email as an e-gift card.

Spa Finder Gift Card

Does your mom need help with relaxing and relieving stress? Then a Spafinder gift card helps you get her a present that allows your mother to pamper herself. She can find a spa close to her or use it to buy spa products at the Spafinder website.

Spafinder carries brands like Comfort Zone, SpaRitual, Sothys, Kerstin Florian, Circadia, and more. Get her a gift that allows her to invest in self-care for her mental and physical health with a Spafinder gift card.

Ulta Beauty Gift Card

Similar to the Spafinder gift card, an Ulta Beauty gift card is a great Mother’s Day gift so she can buy her favorite beauty products. Ulta Beauty is the largest beauty retailer in America and is the ultimate place to buy perfumes, cosmetics, hair and skincare products, and more.

With access to over 500 beauty brands, an Ulta Beauty gift card is perfect for pampering and all her beauty needs. They even offer salon services at some locations, or she can shop online.

Etsy Gift Card

Does your mom love homemade or creative gifts? Then an Etsy gift card might be one of the best gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Etsy has everything from printables to handmade jewelry to vintage items. She can even buy craft, wedding and party supplies, clothing, and other unique items.

If she’s creative or appreciates handmade items, get your mother an Etsy gift card for Mother’s Day.

Grocery Gift Cards

If you’re looking for the ultimate useful Mother’s Day gift card, then get her a grocery store gift card as a present. Gift Card Granny has a great selection of these types of gift cards, like:





             Sam’s Club

You can’t go wrong with a grocery store gift card, especially if she lives on a fixed income.

Mastercard or Visa Gift Card

If you’re really not sure what your mom needs, get her a Mastercard or Visa gift card. Either one of these makes one of the best Mother’s Day gift cards to give the mom who has everything, or you’re not sure what to get her.

A Visa or Mastercard gift card lets her buy whatever she needs from any store she wants, as Visa and Mastercard are essentially accepted everywhere.

Darden Restaurants Gift Card

Treat your mom to a meal at one of her favorite restaurants. The Darden family of restaurants includes Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, Bahama Breeze, Yard House, and Seasons 52.

One of these restaurants will make even the pickiest mom happy, and one of her favorites may be on this list. A Darden Restaurants gift card lets you treat her to a meal she doesn’t have to cook.

Carter’s Baby and Kids Gift Card

Is the mother in your life a young or expecting mom? Then she’ll love a Carter’s gift card where she can buy baby and toddler clothes for the kids. They always have amazing sales on children’s clothes which is great as kids grow out of clothes fast.

Get your mother-to-be or one with young kids a Carter’s gift card for Mother’s Day this year.

Macy’s Gift Card

Macy’s has been around a long time – since 1858, and it’s an iconic brand with approximately 800 stores nationwide. Macy’s has a little bit of everything like clothing, jewelry, shoes, home goods, cosmetics, furniture, toys, handbags, and more.

A Macy’s gift card makes a great Mother’s Day present as she can find something she needs or wants here. Macy’s even has a Mother’s Day gift guide to help you buy gifts. But you’re probably better off getting her a Macy’s gift card so she can pick what she wants.

Michaels Gift Card

Does your mom love crafts and creating things? If so, a Michaels gift card may be the perfect present. Michaels has everything related to crafts, including scrapbooking accessories, paint, yarn, sewing essentials, and much more.

They also have framing supplies and prints so she can pick her favorite pictures or get ones she’s taken framed. Help her get her favorite family photos framed to decorate the house with a Michaels gift card.

Nordstrom Gift Card

Nordstrom is another popular store that’s one of the leading fashion retailers. With clothing, shoes, cosmetics, and accessories for everyone in the family, mom can find all her favorite brand names and designers here. Plus, they offer free shipping and free returns, which is nice.

If you want to make it easy for your mom to treat herself, then a Nordstrom gift card is one of the best Mother’s Day gift cards to buy her this year.

Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Does the mom in your life like to read? Then she’ll love a Barnes & Noble gift card for Mother’s Day. Barnes & Noble has just about any book she could want, and she can even go into a store and sit at the coffee shop and read.

Barnes & Noble also has book signing events and other activities that could interest her. Mom can also get stationery and gifts, audiobooks, music, movies, and more. Just make sure to tell her to buy something for herself and not someone else with her gift card.

Airbnb Gift Card

Is your mom a globe trotter traveling all around the world? Then she may love an Airbnb gift card where her stay is on you the next place she travels. Airbnb connects travelers with property owners all over the world with comfortable and one-of-a-kind places to stay.

And you can often find a great place to stay at an affordable price, so you get your world traveler an Airbnb gift card for Mother’s Day.

Final Thoughts on Mother’s Day Gift Cards

Now you know the best Mother’s Day gift cards to buy for the mom in your life. Often, gift cards are the best presents for Mother’s Day as a mom can get what she needs or wants. They are easy to send as an e-gift card or physical one.

If you’re looking for the best Mother’s Day gift card deals, Gift Card Granny allows you to earn money on gift card purchases. You can even build your own gift card for any occasion.

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