How Much Money Is On My Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift cards are great! They can be used to purchase nearly anything. But the gift card isn’t doing you much good if you don’t know how much the card is worth! Use the steps below to check the balance on your Amazon gift card.

How Much Money Is On My Amazon Gift Card

  1. Visit ‘View Gift Card Balance’ located in ‘Your Account’
  2. Log in to your Amazon account to access your gift card balance

The ‘Gift Card Balance’ page gives you the capability to reload your balance or redeem a gift card. You can also access your past gift card activity.

It’s important to remember that your gift card balance does not expire. Eligible orders will automatically apply the Amazon gift card balance during checkout. If you’d prefer to use a different form of payment you can deselect your Amazon gift card during the checkout process.

You should also be aware that you cannot use your Amazon gift card balance to purchase another gift card. Additionally, gift card balances are non-transferrable.

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