Where To Buy Gift Cards

Gift cards are fantastic gifts, but they don’t appear out of thin air. There are lots of great places to buy gift cards like grocery stores, retail stores, and online. We are particularly fond of the third option. Purchasing a gift card at a specific store is only convenient when you are at that store, and you still potentially run into the problem that they don’t have the gift card you want or it’s not the right value. 

Buying gift cards online solves a lot of those problems! Buying gift cards at Gift Card Granny solves even more problems! Let’s jump into where to buy gift cards and all the benefits of buying gift cards from Gift Card Granny. This article focuses on where to buy gift cards, but we will sprinkle in some of our top-selling cards into this article. If any catches your eye then this is the perfect time to pick one up! If not, we have tons of other retailers on our site and one may be the right one for you.

Gift cards are universal. They can purchase nearly anything your heart desires and can be used at many stores, restaurants, and venues throughout the country.

Sold in numerous denominations, gift cards can be purchased at many drug, grocery, retail, warehouse, and convenience stores. Don’t forget that you can also purchase them online!

Earn Cash Back On Gift Cards with Gift Card Granny

As a quick reminder, we’ve pointed out all of the retailers on this list that you can find on Gift Card Granny as of this writing. Gift Card Granny makes it easy to buy and send customized gift cards online and earn cash back while you do. Gift Card Granny carries thousands of local and national brands including Visa gift cards, Mastercard gift cards, and gift cards for many of the awesome spots on this list.

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s jump right into our article!

6 Reasons Why Buying Gift Cards at Gift Card Granny is Better than In-Store Purchases

Reason #1: Purchase gift cards from the comfort of your own home

This is the big reason why buying gift cards at Gift Card Granny is better than the alternatives! Making a trip for a gift card is never a fun trip to make, especially if you aren’t sure which store has the card for which you are looking. There is an abundance of gift cards in an abundance of locations but sometimes luck is just not on your side and you pass store after store that doesn’t have the gift card you need. This is ameliorated somewhat with the prevalence of online gift cards, but shopping at Gift Card Granny has benefits that outweigh shopping at the specific retailer’s website. 

Shopping for gift cards online at Gift Card Granny is amazing because you can earn cash back on your purchases and get either a physical gift card or an e-gift card! Let’s jump into some other amazing reasons why you should buy your gift cards at Gift Card Granny. 

Reason #2: Gift Card Granny has a wider selection of merchants

There are a lot of stores out there. Tons of online retailers, restaurants, physical retailers, and much more. It is hard to figure out the best purchase for a friend or family member! Gift Card Granny has hundreds of retailers for you to peruse and detailed guides, like this one, helping you pick out the perfect gift for the special occasion. 

You never know when a moment of inspiration will strike. Shopping at Gift Card Granny lets you adapt and pivot whenever you come across a store you think is a better fit and you can peruse our fine selection of retailers at your leisure to find one that catches your eyes. 

Reason #3: Gift Card Granny lets you set your own card value

There are many occasions when gift cards are appropriate and each one has its own value, from a $5 all the way to gift cards over $100. Gift Card Granny gives you the flexibility to set your own gift card value to an exact fit for the occasion. Buying a dozen cards for little gifts in a housewarming party? Five dollars is perfect. Getting a Christmas gift for your sibling? You can input a larger amount! 

Reason #4: You can build your own gift card design

Sometimes you find a gift card for the right store at the right amount — but it looks kinda bland. You don’t want that! It’s a special occasion, right? At Gift Card Granny you can build your own gift card design and find one that perfectly suits your friend or family member. 

Reason #5: Send e-gift cards

Physical gift cards have their time and place and so do e-gift cards! They are so easy to send and spend, making them great options for flexible occasions where you might not be in an optimal position to hand off a beautiful gift card to your friend. 

Reason #6: Earn cash back on your purchases

Last but not least — at Gift Card Granny you earn cash back on all your purchases! Every time you pick up a gift card from us you earn some extra cash to spend on whatever you desire. 

Top 6 Retailers on Gift Card Granny

1. Prepaid Visa  and Mastercard Gift Card

A gift card for the everyday expense

Buy a Visa gift card

It is no surprise that the best-selling gift cards at Gift Card Granny are Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards. These prepaid cards are amazing ways to send a gift card to someone at any occasion. These cards are usable just about anywhere and let the recipient decide exactly where they want to use it. This is a great way to send a gift knowing it will land, perfect for people who you do not know all that well. 

One worry with a gift card like this is that it goes to groceries or a routine shopping trip and not a special treat for the recipient. While there are people who get the greatest joy about simply seeing their weekly expenses reduced. If you want to direct them to a specific activity, we recommend leaving a note! This is a great way to nudge them towards something in particular that lets them go out and enjoy something new without locking them into a restaurant or store with a specific gift card. It’s no surprise that these are in the top spot!

Buy a Visa gift card

2. Staples

A gift card for the office

Get a Staples gift card 

Our second most popular gift card is Staples! This came as quite a surprise until we thought about it for a moment longer. Staples is the go-to place for office supplies, and with so many people working from home, a gift card to Staples is an excellent and pragmatic gift card to give a friend who has a home office to purchase some necessities. Office supplies are expensive, and a gift card makes that purchase a lot easier and may be exactly what they need to splurge on the good stuff. 

Purchasing gift cards to Staples is a great way to earn cash back on your purchases. There’s no law that states you must give this gift card as a gift. Whenever you’re low on supplies and have a big order a-brewing swing by Gift Card Granny for an appropriately priced gift card and enjoy some extra savings. 

Get a Staples gift card

3. Subway 

A classic stop for people on the move

Buy a Subway gift card

We have a lot of food-based gift cards on Gift Card Granny and it is no surprise that Subway is at the top of this list. Subway is a great gift card for just about anyone. They are a quick stop where your friend can pick up a great meal and they are all over the country. We have some amazing retailers on this site that some people shy away from simply because there’s not a store within reasonable driving distance. Subway, with over 20,000 active locations in the United States, does not have that problem. 

These subs are awesome for pick-up on a lunch break or heading to a sports practice. You can also pick up a Subway gift card for yourself! Gift cards of any value are great ways to make shopping here easy. You can swing by multiple times without worrying about carrying your wallet or purse along, grab a sandwich, and continue on your day! 

Buy a Subway gift card

4. CVS Gift Card

A gift card for convenience

Buy a CVS gift card

A CVS gift card is great for so many purchases. Sometimes you need some snacks and drinks for a spur-the-moment party, and the only store open is your 24/7 CVS. With locations all over the country, CVS is a great store for convenient shopping for a wide variety of products, and having a CVS gift card on hand is great for any circumstance when you want some miscellaneous items. 

The prices at CVS are a bit higher than at other stores, making some people less inclined to shop there even if it is more convenient. That’s where your gift card comes in! Getting that gift card discount is awesome. This tactic works on yourself, too. When you earn some cashback on Gift Card Granny getting your CVS gift card it makes shopping at this store an absolute breeze. 

Buy a CVS gift card

5. Sephora

A gift card for beauty products

Buy a Sephora gift card

Sephora is a great store for anyone who uses beauty products with regularity. We are big fans of giving this gift card rather than a specific beauty product as a gift because no one knows what products they need better than the recipient. They know exactly which of their products are running low, which ones they want, and which ones they need. On top of that, lots of people enjoy shopping at a place like Sephora to see if anything new catches their eye. Giving a gift card to Sephora is a great way to show your appreciation to a good friend and lets them stock up on their favorite products. 

Buy a Sephora gift card

6. Hollister

A gift card for fashionable friends

Buy a Hollister gift card

Last but not least on our top six list is Hollister. This is a great choice for friends who enjoy the latest fashion.  They have a ton of amazing outfits and it is always fun walking through the store checking out different possible additions to the wardrobe. This gift card is meant for people who enjoy taking a shopping day, of course. Many people view shopping more as a chore than a fun excursion, and if your friend is in the “shopping is a chore” category  — this might not be the gift card for them.

Buy a Hollister gift card

Retailers Who Sell Gift Cards

Drug Stores

Bartell Drugs


Duane Reade

Longs Drugs

Rite Aid


Grocery Stores



Big Y Foods

Bi Lo

Food 4 Less

Food Lion


Giant Foods

Giant Eagle


King Kullen

King Soopers



Parkway Market


Price Chopper




Stater Brothers

Stop & Shop

Super Dollar


Winn Dixie 

Convenience Stores

Chevron Texaco

Circle K

Kwik Fill


Retail Stores


Best Buy

Dollar General



Office Depot

Office Max




Warehouse Stores

BJ’s Wholesale Club


Sam’s Club

This is where to buy gift cards!

We hope that this list has helped you decide where to buy gift cards. Just about every store has a few, many online websites have gift cards, and Gift Card Granny has tons of retailers. Regardless of the occasion, Gift Card Granny has the gift card for you. Happy shopping!