What Can You Buy With A Target Electronic Gift Card

Oh, Target. What would we do without you? The possibilities are endless. Need some hairspray? They got you. What about a new dress for next week’s dinner party? Not a problem. And, I mean, you can’t forget about the Dollar Spot.
Target is your one-stop shop for nearly everything, including gifts. But oftentimes it’s easy to find yourself in a gift-giving stupor when you have too many options. For example, did your best friend say she wanted the Little Mermaid pajamas or slippers? That’s where Target electronic gift cards come into play – they make the perfect present.

While you can purchase practically anything with your Target electronic gift card, be mindful there are a few restrictions you should know.

What’s Allowed
Target electronic gift cards can be used to purchase merchandise at any Target stores throughout the United States or on Target.com.

What’s Prohibited
You cannot use Target eGift cards to purchase Visa and American Express gift cards. Additionally, it is not permitted to use a Target card to purchase a prepaid card.

Now it’s time to get shopping! If you’re like me and are always looking for a deal, check out this list of sly secrets to save money at Target.